November 6th, 2017


Not-so-happy ready go

We were feeling pretty grumpy today, and I was all set to start ranting and raving, but I've calmed down a little bit. We spent a large chunk of time trying to figure out what we wanted to do about the Black Moon's crystal in Sailor Moon, and we thought it might be a good idea to get some fan feedback, so we asked our Sailor Moon fan friends on Facebook and only got three responses, which bummed us out a lot, especially because one of them was to say, "Here's what the wiki says," which was a thoughtful response, except that it was kind of the opposite of what we were looking for. I feel like, since the wiki deliberately does not use any of the official translations for that particular crystal, it's just the people who made it going with what they like, while what we wanted was more of a general consensus. On the other hand, it's possible that the people who made the wiki did it based on years of talking about it with fans on other online communities, so maybe it's not fair of me to judge based on what I would do, which is to completely ignore everybody else in favor of my obviously superior opinion. Incidentally, that is what we're leaning toward doing again. But on the bright side(?), we'll probably have a note explaining our reasoning. Also, we think we came up with something pretty darn cool.

The other thing that has us grumpy (well, the main other thing; let's face it, we're really just major grumps these days) is that we seem to have a kittenapper in our complex. We might just be jumping to conclusions, though, but we won't know until there's enough light to see. See, last night, we noticed some people hanging around outside, and we figured they were looking at the kittens. I should probably point out here that our nextdoor neighbors who had assumed responsibility for the neighborhood cats moved to New Mexico last week and we have inherited the task, as well as all their outdoor cat gear (they took their indoor cat and all that cat's stuff with them). There are three kittens left from the latest litter, and the fact is they are up for adoption, which is really what makes this whole thing so baffling (or maybe it's not baffling at all, Miss Conclusion Jumper). So anyway, they were hovering around our patio, and then suddenly they opened the gate. We were right by the window witnessing this event, and I figured if someone was coming into the patio, they probably were going to proceed to knock on the door, so I opened it. There was a woman standing outside with a cat carrier, and she started asking about the kittens and if we wanted help taking them to a shelter and stuff. Athena said she thinks we should try to put them directly into homes first, because shelters get crowded and then...the long sleep. (We were half-intending to post pictures on Facebook, but right now we're busy and kittens are soothing.)

So she pulled a kitten out of the carrier and put it back. Or maybe she didn't and I'm just remembering wrong. All I know is that the kittens weren't originally afraid of us, and now they won't let us get within two yards of them. Except for the black one. That one will let us get within a yard. We suspect it has something to do with people holding them, which is something that definitely happened, whether or not it had previously been in the carrier. They just seemed to be acting a little suspicious (she had two friends with her), and we saw her outside our fence again this morning.

Then, we went to get cat food this afternoon, and when we got back, only one kitten was anywhere to be found. But it was getting dark, so it's possible they were just hiding somewhere that's hard to see, and we're just suspicious about nothing. It was just weird, because she seemed so passionate about how these cats needed a home, but when we said let's try to find homes for them instead of putting them in a shelter, she seemed to be like, "Okay, I'll let you do that." If she wanted one, she could have asked, but she didn't. It's just odd.

And then! this week's episode of UQ Holder! was late! Arrrrrgh! So while we were at the UQ Holder! channel on Amazon Prime being sad that there wasn't a new episode, we read some of the reviews, and one of the reviewers was like, "Those hacks at Kodansha never gave Negima the love it deserved." He actually said "those hacks." I was not embellishing that part. And we were like, "What!" It was aggravating. We commented with a suggestion that he read the omnibus releases.

So yeah. Grumpy today. But we did have a good time working on Sailor Moon, and they did get that episode of UQ Holder! up, so we're happy...except that they're still getting Xingzai's name wrong in the subtitles, which is aggravating because when they asked us for the style guide, we specifically told them to be careful about that circumflex on the A. And it's all very amusing, because we told everyone through our editors at Kodansha, but we are sorely tempted to email our boss at Sentai about it. We still don't know if our Sentai superiors know we translated the manga. But anyway, Fate was in this episode, so that was a nice consolation for the lack of Gengoro. (Gengoro is hardly even in the manga at all. Stop expecting him to show up. (But come on! If they're at the inn, he could just be there! (Are you kidding? We got Yuki Kaji. We can't afford to have him all over the place. (Awwww.))))

That reminds me, I wanted to check how we dealt with Kuryu's boku situation.

Today I'm thankful for making not the worst progress ever on work today, finally getting to watch UQ Holder, the soothing power of kittens, having cat food with which to feed said kittens (assuming we still need to (the black one's definitely still around for now)), and Kingdom Hearts having another zero-AP campaign.