November 3rd, 2017


Cautious optimism

Well, we slept in a little this morning, but other than that, we mostly had a normal-ish workday! I'm not sure there is such a thing as a normal workday anymore. And of course, by "normal" I mean we were able to work without taking time out for extra things. By "ish" I mean our timing was a little skewed from our normal routine. And after working most of the day, we determined that yes, this translation is going to take more time than we'd like. Hopefully not more time than we have, but it's too early to tell on that one. In fact, we won't know until either we make it through November unscathed, or we realize we're getting crushed.

So I think it was yesterday that we had an email from one of those...things... I don't remember what it was, but there was a link to an article about how to not spread yourself too thin. And since it was for people who tend to spread themselves too thin, it also had tips on what to do once you've already spread yourself too thin, and I read them and was like, "Yup, already doing that. Doing that, too. That one's kind of an n/a in our case..." etc.

It talked about how the reason you spread yourself too thin is that you underestimate how long it will take you to do something, and you get more of a high from saying yes than no. I think those are both accurate in our case, but we have the added problem of really just wanting to translate all the manga. And the other problem of not being able to predict exactly when other things will pop up, such as ongoing titles that haven't had a new volume in a while and then suddenly do, or people calling and saying hey, you wanna go to Disneyland? Actually, we've gotten to be fairly good at predicting when the Disneyland calls will come, but whenever we get too good at it, something comes along to shake things up and throw off the pattern.

Anyway. I was thinking about how little motivation I had to do anything but sit on the couch like a lump and watch TV, and I was wondering if it was anhedonia from oncoming depression, but fortunately a little more thought helped me realize it's probably really just sleep deprivation and fatigue. So after getting a little extra sleep last night, motivation was not quite so far in the negatives. And I really had a good time working today. I just wish it wasn't the only thing we ever got to do.

That being the case, we did stop working long enough to watch another episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events. So that was nice. And there's always our dinner breaks with Kingdom Hearts and Miraculous.

Today I'm thankful for having fun at work today, having time to watch a little TV, getting a little extra sleep last night, having plans to sleep in tomorrow, and finally getting batteries in our Otamatone.