November 2nd, 2017



It will come as no surprise that after our adventures yesterday we were completely wiped out. We probably would have taken the day off, but it just so happened that UQ Holder! came along last night. That's okay, though, because we enjoy UQ Holder!, and this chapter did have more of Gengoro, which makes us extra happy. But we ended up getting to it late because of some other things we needed to catch up on (like calling our mother, as we like to do once a week), and by the time we finished the first half, we just didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were hungry, but too tired to care about anything we had to eat. So even though it wasn't dinner time yet, we ordered a pizza. As a result, we finished UQ Holder! much later than (okay, a few hours later) than we normally would have, and we felt a little bit bad about it, but I just tell myself it's not nearly as bad as in July, when we got it in like two days later than they wanted it.

Anyway. After that, we spent some time relaxing and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. It's kind of weird how a show that claims to be full of misery is just so comfortable. Athena says it's because the atmosphere in the show is gloomy and rainy, which is the perfect atmosphere for snuggling up under blankets and watching TV. Tomorrow we may have a battle between doing our job and binge watching the last three episodes. (Do three episodes count as a binge? It seems more like an extra large dinner with dessert.)

I think we probably would just say forget it all, let's watch TV!, but, while our November schedule is more forgiving than our October one, it's still got a fair amount of work. We'll just have to see if we have any energy tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for having a relatively easy day today, getting to open our shiny Sailor Moon fan club packages, getting to watch more Miraculous and Unfortunate Events (those are funny together), maybe finally having our eating schedules back on track?, and having lots of Reese's pumpkins to look forward to.