November 1st, 2017


Fire Force volume 6

I didn't want to blow off Review Rednesday! Something suddenly came up. (<--that's a Brady Bunch reference for all you kids out there.) But I'll actually tell you what came up, because it was an Adventure with a capital A. Capital, I tell you! (If you're not interested, just skip to the LJ cut for the review.)

See, a friend of ours had to move out today, and she needed help, so she called us and the missionaries, and fortunately we have four missionaries in our ward because nobody thought to call the elder's quorum (which probably wouldn't have helped much anyway, based on when we moved in...and all the people who showed up to help have moved away by now, so...), but anyway it was us seven, and we were doing pretty good. It wasn't the couple of hours I hoped it would be (and then we'd come home and, since we'd been working hard, just watch A Series of Unfortunate Events and unwind), but we made decent time and we got the U-Haul back before closing and everything!

But! there was an added wrinkle in that the roommate our friend was replacing in her new apartment had not actually moved out yet. This was especially surprising, because according to the story our roommate heard, he was the one that told his roommates at the last minute that he was going to move out. So basically it just resulted in us hanging out and talking with the missionaries while we waited for the room to be ready to receive our friend's stuff, and that was fun because we love geeking out about the scriptures with the missionaries. (Also, one of the missionaries, when he's not on a mission, is a DJ, and he's just as passionate about DJing as we are about translating, so it was fascinating to hear him talk about how to properly DJ a party.)

But you're not here for that! You're here for our review! And it's Fire Force! Woohoo! Volume 6! Yeah! (<--oddly hyper because it's been a weird day)

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Oh man, that was a fun review. Fire Force is a fun series. If you're not reading it, might I suggest you try it out?

As for this week, we thought we were going to have a very Halloween-appropriate release, but it looks like it's been pushed back. But we do have! a new volume of Kigurumi Guardians! You guys! This series is so good!!! ...We had an old college friend only give it three stars on Goodreads, but I don't know what her problem is. (Maybe she didn't like the abusive relationship between Ginger and Hakka. That would be a valid reason.) Don't listen to her, though, because it's so good!!!

And tune in next week, for our review of Beasts of Abigaile volume two!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting our friend mostly moved in, the wonderful elders who helped us out, getting to learn about the secret art of DJing, getting to go to Target where Reese's pumpkins were on sale, and getting to come home and read a fun review of Fire Force.