October 8th, 2017


To...the future!

The time has come! (I always go on in my head to, "The Walrus said," but that really just...it's only sort of appropriate here.) The time has come to finally get on with our Japan trip report! It was now Saturday and bad timing was such that we did not have plans to go on a road trip with Kyoya and friends, so we had to come up with our own plan. Actually, we were thinking of taking the opportunity to get some work done, since the last episode of Princess Principal was set to air while we were in Japan, and we had not had time to translate it before we left. But! there was a typhoon coming in, and it was supposed to be passing closest to Tokyo on Sunday afternoon through Monday, and so, in order not to be out in it, we moved our Monday plans to Saturday. This was an okay thing to do because it turned out Monday was a holiday, so places would be just as crowded either day.

So what was the plan? Well, a Facebook friend had alerted us to the existence of a limited time exhibit on Walt Disney Animation at an establishment called Miraikan, which literally translates to "future museum," but has a more official, much longer English name that I don't remember. At any rate, this exhibit had a recreation of the lantern scene from Tangled, and we love Disney animation anyway (at least, we do up until about Tangled; after that, we're ambivalent at best (with maybe a little soft spot for Big Hero 6)), so we figured why not?

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Today I'm thankful for being mature enough not to be traumatized by certain science exhibits, cool educational science movies, finding a long-dreamed-for musical instrument, Asimo the little cutie, and getting to see the Disney animation exhibit.