October 3rd, 2017


Sailor Moon Musical! Aaaaahh!!!

The original plan for today was to finish up the episode of Hozuki we were translating, and by then Gaston should have been here to go to Disneyland. We finished the episode, and he wasn't here, so we set up our new printer and did some paperwork things, and he still wasn't here, so we watched some of Hozuki season one, and then he still wasn't here, so we called him. Apparently he had a lot of work come in all at once and was stuck at home; he didn't call to tell us because I guess he was still hoping it wasn't really true. I just have to laugh about it, because we know that situation all too well. But I am a little sad about not going to Disneyland. The funny thing about Tokyo Disneyland is that it makes us forget our bitterness toward California Disneyland.

But the good news is! now we can get back to reporting on our Japan trip! Collapse )

Aah, what a lovely night. We are definitely going to order the CD and DVD when we've replenished some of our funds. Today I'm thankful for oh my goodness we got to see a Sailor Moon Musical, all of the sparkly costumes, the great music, Chibi Chibi's song, and making it safely to and from the theater.