September 1st, 2017



Finally, we get to LiveJournal! Oh my goodness, what a day. We already knew it was going to be long, since we didn't manage to get halfway done with our Waiting for Spring edit yesterday. This meant we had to work a regular day, possibly longer, to finish on time, which wasn't so much of a problem in and of itself, but we don't get much of a break this weekend, because we have a volume of Beasts of Abigaile due on Monday. We could probably finish that one without too much trouble on Monday, except for the fact that that is Gaston's birthday and we don't know if he'll be coming down that day or waiting until the day after Labor Day to make his birthday Disneyland trip. So this was looking to be a pretty tough weekend.

And then we checked our email, and of course, there was a new chapter of UQ Holder! to translate. I think I'm more tired thinking about it after the fact, because I've been through all the work. Before the fact it was more, "We're gonna be tired..." Also, it's very hot today, which really does the opposite of improve energy levels.

But! there was something that improved our energy levels, and it was especially timely because it involved UQ Holder!. We've been feeling rather ambivalent about the UQ Holder! anime since they announced that Tota is going to be played by a woman. It's Ken Akamatsu, so if the main character is played by a girl, that means basically the whole cast is female, and while there are a ton of cool female voice actors and we can definitely enjoy an all-female cast (Princess Principal is super awesome, for example), we just don't tend to get excited about them.

But today they finally announced the older male characters' voice actors, and! and! and and and!!! Our beloved favorite voice actor is Gengoro!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Actually, we were more like, "...Huh." Of all the characters we had picked for him, Gengoro was not one of them. Gengoro struck us as more of a Jun Fukuyama or Tomokazu Sugita type. We were hoping Yuki Kaji would be Ikku (who is also in it more (but Tetsuya Kakihara is a good choice)).

But it all works out for the best, because! this month's chapter of UQ Holder had Kotaro in it! What does that have to do with anything!? Well, since we wrote up our post about how obviously Jinbei is Negi (did we mention that he put a seal on a private sauna that not even Evangeline could break out of?), we realized oh wait, Jinbei's always hanging out with Gengoro...he must be Kotaro! So now every time Kotaro showed up, we were like, "Yay!!!" And if Gengoro turns out not to be doesn't matter, because he's still played by Kaji-kun! (I have to point out, though, and this might be my foreigner ear that understands nothing, but Gengoro kind of feels like a canine name to me, and we know that Kotaro was named Kotaro because he's an inugami and Kotaro is also a dog name.)

And so we were very excited working on UQ Holder! today, and it was also an exciting chapter, so don't miss it! Also, it turned out to be a pretty quick translation, which helped a lot, because we didn't finish working until ten o'clock at night. But that's partly our own fault, because we ran out of TV shows to watch during dinner, and we weren't sure what to do about it, so we watched an episode of The Musketeers, and that show is a little extra long. Plus it had six commercial breaks and Hulu was being finicky. And we insisted on watching it to the end anyway (partially because we may never have finished the episode otherwise). But now we are finished with work, and maybe we can sleep in tomorrow and not spend all of the rest of the day working, since Beasts of Abigaile has waaaaay less talking than Waiting for Spring. Here's hoping!

Today I'm thankful for Yuki Kaji being in UQ Holder!, this month's chapter being easy to translate, managing to finish before it got super late, also managing to get to the end of that episode of The Musketeers, and Page apparently doing much better.