August 25th, 2017


Another day, another disillusion

I've kind of been dreading this, because I feel like it will take a long time to figure out how to convey all my feelings about our recent trip to Disneyland. But we decided to take most of today off, so we actually have plenty of time to work it out! It would be a lot better if the feelings were happier.

Okay, so on Monday, Gaston called and said he was thinking about driving down that night so we could all go to Disneyland on Tuesday. He decided not to do that, but did start driving on Tuesday morning. It was just as well, because we lost enough sleep even with the extra sleep we got from not trying to get into Disneyland at opening on Tuesday. We had three things we wanted to do most: see Farley, check out the new train stuff (since the grand circle tour reopened while we were blocked out), and check out the new Fantasmic. (It doesn't get exclamation points from me anymore, but if I were to accurately convey the amount of sensory stimulation provided by the show, it should probably be more like "Fantasmic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")

It seemed like a simple enough plan, but as chance would have it, Facebook revealed the Disneyland presence of Gaston's estranged cousin and her family, so we met up with them. It wasn't the first time we happened to be at Disneyland at the same time as one of Gaston's cousins and his family, so this wasn't really anything new. The new part is that nobody ever introduced us to the kids, so by the end of the day, we only knew the names of half of them from hearing parents and siblings yell at them. Despite leaving a good enough impression on the girl during Pirates of the Caribbean to get her to want to share a doom buggy with us on the Haunted Mansion, we never knew her name until we were leaving the park and asked Gaston about it. Of course, if it really bothered us, we would have asked, but the only times it really mattered was when, as tends to happen with children, one of them got distracted by something and the group kept wandering off without them. I wanted to shout, "Hey! [child's name]!" but it was impossible.

Aaaanyway. The kind of odd thing is that we didn't actually get to do any of the things we wanted to do until we broke away from the family. Not that they didn't want to do those things (except for Fantasmic; they felt "sleep" was more important). When we visited with Farley, another one of his regulars was there, and that gentleman happened to be a writer, who had written a theme song for Farley! I don't remember the lyrics, though, so I won't type them here. They're working on getting it recorded. Oooohhh.

Collapse )

And then there was the matter of Fantasmic. I will admit we were expecting to hate it. But can you blame us? The original Fantasmic was so perfect! And we were already so disappointed by the one in Tokyo, and we've been suspecting our Disneyland of trying to copy Tokyo Disneyland on everything lately, so we didn't have high hopes for this, especially because they haven't had a great track record with impressing us in the last several years, so now if they're trying to make something more impressive by copying the less impressive version of it...

And we just took some time out to read our report of Tokyo Disneyland's Fantasmic, and just sigh about everything. Anyway, Collapse )

And that's probably a lot to read already, so maybe I should save my report of the new version for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new train stuff at Disneyland, getting to board the train at Main Street, Uniqlo having a sale on exactly what we wanted to buy, having a hotel booked for our Japan trip, and taking it easy today (whether or not that's a good idea).