August 16th, 2017


Reviewless Rednesday

I honestly was thinking of doing something in lieu of a regular manga review today. Maybe review a simulpub we're working on, or some of the other books we're reading. But the day did not work out that way. First, there was a dentist appointment, and then we had to get to work on our weekly assignment, which probably would have been fine, but! when the numbness wore off, my mouth was hurting like the dickens! The dickens, I tell you! And I hadn't really eaten anything because eating with a numb mouth is not the most fun thing ever, so I said, "Eh, I'll have some chocolate milk until I can use my mouth properly!" Which was fine except my body didn't seem to think that was good enough to fuel me through working and intense pain, so I was getting ready to pass out, and Athena was falling asleep (we don't always get enough sleep at night; I think in Athena's case, this is due in large part to a serious case of cat). So work didn't go so well, and we only just finished it (mostly).

So there is no review this Wednesday, and I apologize. I'm pretty bummed out about it, too, because reviewing a review we wrote would have been a nice pick-me-up. It's okay; we watched half an episode of Elementary (then it kept trying to show a commercial that didn't get along with the Wii, so we said, "Fine, we'll get back to work.").

Anyway, as for this week's releases, there's still nothing! Tadah! But there are releases next week, so tune in next week for our review of the latest First Love Monster! If you don't want spoilers, make sure to buy it really soon!

Today I'm thankful for ibuprofen (oh so very thankful; once it finally kicked in, I was like, "Woohoo, I could work all day!"), not having the impression goopy stuff stuck in my mouth forever (it got stuck on my braces again), having some extra rations so Athena could make sure not to starve while I was like "that's okay, I don't need food," being mostly finished with this episode, and this being a series we really like or else life would be awfully bleak.