August 14th, 2017


Don't forget to love

Today ended up being too busy for a long update, but one thing keeps popping into my head as we read all the news about Charlottesville and the terror going on there. It's kind of funny, actually; it's Melissa's song from KamiAso IF. There's one line of it that's English, and it sounds like "don't forget to love." Someday we'll get out the CD booklet and check, because it might actually be "don't forget true love," but under the circumstances, I think the former is more important right now. It's also something I really could stand to work on.

So, don't forget to love, everybody.

Today I'm thankful for the helpers, finally finishing the translation we were working on, the calming effects of Elementary, Melissa's song, and Page all scrunched up against the wall.