July 31st, 2017



We're finally back! Not that we really went anywhere. The weekend was just busy; I spent Saturday preparing the talk I gave in sacrament meeting yesterday, and then after church we were just taking a break from it all. Page has been following us around, but in a very understanding sort of way--like, she won't bug us too much when we're trying to work, but other than that, she wants to be nearby. That is, unless we're in the living room. She has developed an aversion to the living room, which we think can be attributed to all the other cats who used to visit. We don't let them inside so much anymore, because we want Page to know the it's her living room.

But that being the case, yesterday when she seemed to want to hang out, we went to the bedroom and did jigsaw puzzles on our iPads for about an hour. It was nice.

Today was back to work as usual, but then! we decided to do something unusual(?), so we actually left the apartment and went to Downtown Disney to shop around. It was nice getting out, and the weather was beautiful, but there's a really sad fact of our lives that I think our family would be absolutely shocked to hear, or they would just not register it as actually being true, but we kind of hate Disney right now. It's really bad, like we'll see people in their Disney t-shirts and it will make us angry. We'll be like, "Ugh, Disney! ...But I like those characters. But ugh!" It's really not the characters' fault...in most cases. I mean, some of the newer characters, sure, but most of the time it's just...I guess we just really don't like the direction Disney's going in, and while we fully realize that Disney owes us nothing and they can go in whatever direction they want, it still feels like we've lost a friend, because we just don't want to go that direction with them.

So we were sitting on the edge of a planter (the planters in Downtown Disney are designed so that they're surrounded by concrete wide enough to act as benches), talking about things and realizing that hey, we still like anime. So we decided it was time to come home and watch anime. Unfortunately, by the time we got home, we only had time for one episode, but it was still nice.

Today I'm thankful for being done giving my talk, the talk being well-received (or at least not poorly received), getting out of the house, finishing our first draft of Fire Force, and getting to watch anime.