July 19th, 2017


Land of the Lustrous volume 1

Ha HA! It's finally time! Time to post our review of Land of the Lustrous 1! I don't even know if the review is any good; we wrote it like a year ago. Okay, six months, but it was a long time. Anyway, you guys, this series is pretty good, and if you haven't checked it out, you totally should. Spoiler level: mild.

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That may be the ramblin'est review we've ever written. It's fun, though! Doesn't give a whole lot about the story. But that's okay, because you can just read it yourself and find out! ...On the other hand, we've read more than one review where the reviewer seemed confused about what's going on. We didn't think it was confusing, so I'm really hoping it's not a matter of the translation being all, "That's okay; it makes sense to me!" So if anyone out there has read the book and was confused by it, please comment and let us know what was so confusing, and we'll see if we can clear it up!

And this week, we actually have two new releases! In/Spectre 5 and a new series! Volume one of Waiting for Spring is now available! Woohoo! I was thinking of going in non-alphabetical order this time, because, what with In/Spectre being five volumes in, we'd want to make sure people had more time to get to it and avoid spoilers, but I'm not really sure if it's possible to spoil volume five of In/Spectre. So I haven't decided what we're going to review next week. Hmmm... Anyway, whichever one you don't want to be spoiled for, you better get to that one first. I'll try to give a heads-up when we decide, but that might not happen until next Wednesday, so.

Today I'm thankful for getting to review Land of the Lustrous, making good progress on our Waiting for Spring edit, getting one of Melissa's endings, Page being super cute when she emerges from Under the Bed, and plans to spend a lovely day in San Diego tomorrow.