July 17th, 2017


Sweet as honey

We finished work on time today! I'm not sure if that really means anything this week, though, because we have Comic-Con on Thursday and Friday, and we may or may not be taking tomorrow off, too. ...And we just checked our schedule and realized we have deadlines sooner than we realized. Oh, goodness.

But I think we'll worry about that tomorrow, because I think we just decided we're not going to take the day off, and a day of work tomorrow will let us know how much overtime we have to work. In the meantime, Collapse )

And that's it for the first half of Melissa's story. I'm really eager to see where it all leads.

Today I'm thankful for the delicious Tohato Caramel Corn snack we got from Tokyo Treat (a few months ago; we're not very quick to eat things), headache medicine, the hope that surely episode two of Welcome to the Ballroom is available today, finishing work on time, and Princess Principal getting positive reviews.
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