July 15th, 2017


Princess Principal

In all my anime reporting yesterday, I forgot to mention the most important new series we're watching this season: Princess Principal. I tend to forget about it because we've been watching it on a most irregular schedule. But anyway, it takes place in an alternate universe London and is basically a steampunk spy anime. The characters all seem to have been well thought out, but I guess we'll have to wait and find out if those thought-out personalities are well-portrayed onscreen. We like it so far.

And why is it so important? I think I snuck this into an Anime Expo report somewhere, but it's important because we're translating it! I think I also explained why we decided to translate it even though we were thinking of sitting out on this season of anime translation, so you'll have to find the report and read about it there. (I think it was day three.) But I wanted to mention it again, because I do have some concerns about the translation. Namely, because the series takes place in London, we worry about American English vs. British English. Basically, our attempts to make sure the correct English is used are limited to the names of important posts, like "Home Secretary" (which is accurate today, but may not have been accurate in the time this series takes place), and to terms where I type it out and suddenly think, "Wait, I don't think they call it that on the other side of the Pond." Hence terms like "secondary school" and...and...I think there was at least one other one, but neither of us remembers it.

So basically, I have this fear that British viewers will read the subtitles and go, "What in the world is this bizarre amalgamation of American and British English?" And all I can do about it is say, "Well, it's not real English history anyway," and hope they're as kind to us as they were to Dick Van Dyke after they saw Mary Poppins.

We also tried two more anime series today. The first was Touken Ranbu, which seems interesting but has too many action sequences to hold our attention, and the second was Convenience Store Boyfriend, which seems to have a bazillion characters but only focused on two. That would have been fine, except that those two guys seemed to spend about million years not really doing anything. So it seems like the story could be kind of cute, but it takes forever. And I thought, "Well, it's not the most boring thing ever, but it moves so slow, and I don't know if we have time for slow-moving anime." Nevertheless, there was a character who showed up but didn't speak, and something about his character design had me thinking he looked like a certain favorite voice actor of ours might play him. So before we totally gave up on the series, I went to look up the cast. I found the official website, went to the character page, and clicked on that character. And sure enough. So we'll see.

In other news, oh my gosh, you guys, Melissa (in KamiAso) is so adorable. We're loving his story to bits, and we were so torn up when we chose to take the non-romantic path. But I think I'll save all of that reporting for another time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate an anime that is not about kabuki, Melissa's story being very adorable, Kabukibu! getting an internet award, getting to sample some more anime, and having more strawberry mini muffins.