July 8th, 2017


Anime Expo 2017 day four

I woke up with the same headache this morning that I had last night, and the only reason we can figure for it (I had plenty of water, plenty to eat, I don't think I overexerted myself...) is that all the fatigue from the entire week caught up with me, and I need more recovery than just "not working."

Also, we watched Netflix's Castlevania series and thought it was pretty awful. We stopped after two episodes, because most of the dialogue in the second episode seemed to consist of "how can I get the f- or s-word in this sentence?" with bonus points if they could get both, and the rest of it was info-dumping. I know they've done studies to show that people who know swear words have higher vocabularies, but they have yet to prove that they have better dialogue-writing skills. (We've had some frustration with subtitles lately, too, that were written by people who seemed all too eager to throw vulgar words into the script (and of course that wasn't the only problem with them).) That and the fact that the story and characters were cliched at best...

They did succeed in one thing, though: getting us to give money to the Castlevania franchise. We downloaded the first three games to our DS this morning. Ah, memories.

Anyway. I still need to finish our Anime Expo report! Collapse )

...And we just took a major timeout from finishing this post to look at the Comic-Con schedule. Not that I had anything else to say. Today I'm thankful for super cool new t-shirts, getting to play the old Castlevania games, Cecille being so kind as to wake up early to try to get autograph tickets for us, having some Reese's Stuffed with Pieces to look forward to later, and getting to watch Welcome to the Ballroom yesterday.