July 6th, 2017


Anime Expo 2017 day one

I think the original plan today was to lie on the couch and watch anime all day, or something along those lines, but we can never resist an anime discussion, so now we're sitting at the computer talking about Yona of the Dawn on Facebook. At first, we passed the time while people were typing by reading our translations of the Saiyuki twitter feed, but then I remembered that I still need to tell everybody about Anime Expo, so here we are! (Also, we're in major Saiyuki mode because we just watched the first episode of Reload Blast, and it had our beloved favorite voice actor in it! See, most of our favorite voice actors around the middle of the 2000s decade were determined by the fact that they were in Saiyuki. Now a favorite voice actor we encountered from different areas of anime is in Saiyuki! Aaaahhh!)

But right, we went to Anime Expo! It's one of our favorite places to go, because it's full of people who know what ocarinas are. I feel like I keep saying this, but we really have very little by way of close friends and family who can follow our otaku ramblings. But at Anime Expo, we can go track down our manga editors and say, "Yeah, we translated this anime and the whole second half of the last episode was a kabuki play," and without any prompting on our part, they reply with, "That must have been a nightmare." It's nice.

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And that's it for day one. So far, it was a fun but not super eventful Anime Expo. I am really looking forward to seeing Welcome to the Ballroom, though.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to our manga publishing friends, getting to go to the Welcome to the Ballroom panel, getting to see Tomokazu Seki again, the 7-11 having lemonade Slurpees, and getting to see the new Saiyuki anime complete with our beloved favorite voice actor.