July 2nd, 2017


Breaking out of Mission Breakout

We're on a short break from Anime Expo today, so here we are at home! Tadah! And I feel like I have a lot of stuff I'm trying to remember, and also like I don't have a lot of stuff that needs to be remembered, but at any rate, it will probably help me to remember more stuff (there are still two days of Anime Expo after today, after all) if I write some of it down now, to make more space.

And I probably better start with our trip to Disneyland on Wednesday, because there were new experiences to be had. Okay, so there was mostly just the one, which was Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout. I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a colon in there somewhere, but I'm not sure if it goes before or after "mission" so I just decided to ignore it. I will point out, though, that the name of the ride is what gave us our first impression of "seriously, you guys with the lack of attention to detail." So the facade for the ride...okay, the concept is that the Guardians of the Galaxy have been added to the collection of the Collector, and all the tourists are going to go see them as part of...this tourist attraction thing he made by putting his collection on display. In fact, I think he was going to explain that, but got interrupted. More on that later.

So basically you're going to the Collector's...hotel, or whatever it is, to go see his collection, but Rocket has escaped and he's going to break them all out. So the sign for the ride has it look like this fancy event that you're going to, where it says "Guardians of the Galaxy," because that's the main attraction. But underneath that, it has "Mission Breakout"...where half of it is in the logical font (for lack of a better word) of Rocket having slapped it on there in red paint, but the other half is still in the fancy text as if it's part of the original sign. It doesn't make any sense.

Other than that, most of what we saw seemed pretty well done (except for another thing Athena is pointing out to me just now). We didn't actually go on the ride. I mean, are you kidding me? It shoots you up and drops you down thirteen stories. But Gaston wanted to go on it, and he doesn't like to do things by himself, and we wanted to see what it looked like inside the building, so he took advantage of our company and we took advantage of his wanting to go on the ride, to make it ever so slightly less awkward when we got to the loading area and the cast member said, "How many in your party?" and we said, "Oh, we're not actually going on the ride. Can you show us the way to the exit?"

So I will now describe to you the queue area for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission: Breakout. Collapse )

And there you have it. After we got out, we spent some time trying to decode the writing on the gift shop window, but then a cast member came and told us what it said, the jerk. I told him, "Way to spoil the fun!" and he was kind enough to let us decode another inscription on our own. Then he told us a bit of trivia about some of the writing inside the ride. There are all kinds of pipes in the one area, and they're labeled with things like, "water," "acid," etc. Probably "spinal fluid," which seems to be a thing they're obsessed with. So apparently the guy who made up the alphabet was going around painting all the labels, and then there was a pipe that didn't have a label yet, so he asked the woman over him what he should put on it, and she said something about how just about everything in this ride is fueled by her tears, so he wrote her name "'s tears" on that pipe.

Later, we went to see Farley, and a couple of his other regular visitors had come by to say hello, too. So we all chatted until Farley's set time was over, and Gaston says to us, "What do you want to do now?" and one of the friends said, "Do you know about the trading cards?" and we were like, "???" and she took that as a no, and then she took us on a quest through the entire west side of Disneyland to collect these cards. At the first shop, she asked the cast member for the trading cards, and the cast member said, "You mean 'collectible cards.' We don't trade these." I think the main reason for not trading them, though, is that you can get every one of them for free, so what's the point in trading?

But what they are is a set of six collectible cards printed in monochrome on regular card stock and not glossy (the cards are free, so you can't expect Disney to make them expensive to make), each featuring one of the attractions that's been closed since they started work on Star Wars land: Fantasmic!, the Disneyland Railroad, the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, Tom Sawyer's Island, the Columbia, and the Mark Twain. They list the date each one is returning this year (Tom Sawyer's Island is already back), and the date they started way back when. On the reverse side of each card is a piece of a map of Tom Sawyer's Island. We were told it was the original map, but when we put it all together, we could see it was the map of the Pirate's Lair version that started around 2007.

So that was neat. And we also watched the fireworks. They've brought back the 50th anniversary fireworks show, which was the first one to use projections on the castle, only they've upgraded the projections so they're full color and fancier. They look alright, but I think they're more of a distraction than an accent now. Before, they used spotlights, so the projected shapes were the only light added to the castle, but now there are images on the entire surface of the castle. It creates light pollution that diminishes the fireworks, like looking at the stars from the city. But when they project ghosts on the Matterhorn for the Haunted Mansion sequence, it looks really cool. It's still a good show, and I love it because it was designed when they still cared about matching the visuals to the music, but something about this version had me less impressed. On the bright side, it means I don't have to weigh the options of beautiful firework show vs. avoiding the Madness anymore. On the not so bright side, this doesn't really bode well for the Fantasmic! "upgrades."

Well, I've been typing long enough, so I'll save all the AX reporting for next week. Today I'm thankful for getting to Anime Expo without much difficulty, having a lovely first day, reminders of the magical powers of lemonade, another good Bread Day haul, and getting to see the queue area for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.