June 23rd, 2017


Seeing Studio C

So yesterday, I mentioned something else exciting happening. Now let me tell you what it was! It was Facebook getting us into trouble again, is what it was. Somehow all of these celebrity type people we follow keep popping up and saying, "Hey, I'm in Anaheim! Come say hi!"

It went like this: We were on Facebook as usual, and I almost feel like I was just doing a few more scrolls just to see if maybe, possibly there was something interesting before we kicked ourselves off and got to work. And there was a video, and I don't even think I was paying attention to who posted it; I just saw the picture start moving, so I watched. And I think I noticed the background even before I really registered who was in the video. It was like, "Hey, I know that place! That's my old friend the Anaheim Convention Center!"

And then we noticed who was in it. It was Stacey and Natalie from Studio C, a sketch comedy show that we mostly only watch via Facebook. But if you have cable, it's on BYU TV, and it has a lot of fun, clean comedy on it, so it's nice. Our very favorite sketch of theirs is the Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, but that one's not for everybody. We also like their Walking Dead parody. We've actually never seen The Walking Dead, so maybe it's not fair of us to like that parody, but it's still pretty darn funny.

Anyway, Stacey and Natalie were in this video at the Anaheim Convention Center, which was weird, because Studio C is based in Provo, Utah. But in the video, they said, "Hey, we're here at VidCon, so if you're available, we're going to be right here at 7:30! You don't need a VidCon badge, so come say hi!" And we thought, "We should be done working by then! Let's go!" And then, fortunately, we were done working by then. We got a late start yesterday, because after the madness that was the Kabukibu! finale, we needed to sleep in.

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So anyway, we decided to go meet Stacey and Natalie from Studio C. It was a beautiful day, too, so it was a very lovely walk. We got there a little early, and when we made it to the spot that had been indicated in the video, we noticed a group of people standing around who not only did not have con badges but had that Mormon look to them, so we figured we were in the right place. It wasn't an official thing, so there was no signage. After a quick recon mission to make sure we weren't missing anything anywhere, we went and talked to the group of people waiting...and only after they point it out did we notice that one of them was wearing a Studio C t-shirt, so of course this was the right place. Or at least the place everybody thought it was going to be.

We chatted for a while until there they were, walking along the path leading toward us. It was kind of surreal, because, like, we'd seen them on video so many times, but now here they were in real life, and they were like, just like exactly what you see in the videos. And they were some of the nicest people! Especially Stacey; you can tell he really appreciates the fans. There were about twenty to thirty people who showed up overall, and he was still in awe that we all came.

This is how you know they weren't expecting many people to show up: they brought some autographed pictures of the cast, and they only had five. So they gave one to each group based on who arrived first. After that, they had some Studio C bracelets, and then two or three small bundles of pencils with Studio C quotes on them. Natalie would read the quote and ask, for example, "This one says 'aww yeah.' Who likes 'aww yeah'?" ("Aww yeah" reference.) Athena and I each got a bracelet, but then a dad showed up later with his two little girls, so we gave our bracelets to them and were happy with our "I don't do mornings" pencils. (When Natalie was handing them out, we asked if they had any from the Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, but I guess that one's not so popular. They were like, "Oh, you like that one? We'll have to tell Dave." Apparently Dave writes a lot of sketches that are either the Best or the Worst. They used Gary & Carl as an example of the worst, but we actually didn't remember those sketches...so we watched them today, and we thought they were pretty clever. I think there was something about it that drew attention away from the jokes or something, because you do have to be paying attention to catch a lot of the jokes. (See for yourself! (Stacey plays Gary))

There was one family that saw the Facebook video and drove three hours to come meet them, and Stacey and Natalie were so touched they made sure...I'm not sure if they had this ahead of time anyway for a game they wanted to do, or if they got it ready when the family commented that they were going to drive three hours to see them, but there was a gift bag that they got, and I regret not asking what was inside it. But anyway, they had to "earn" it by answering Studio C trivia that Stacey was going to come up with right there. Then he had trouble coming up with something, so he asked Natalie and their PR guy to help. So then it became a "name that worst ever actor" game! (Here's the list.)

They asked us all where we were from, and what our favorite sketches were. And they wanted to get a group picture with everybody, and then we all took turns getting our individual pictures with them. It was funny, too, because when it was your turn, Natalie would ask your name, and shake your hand and say, "Hi, I'm Natalie," as if we didn't all know who she was. (I don't think I've linked to a sketch that features Natalie (her Worst Ever sketch hasn't been released yet), so have this Jurassic World parody.)

They answered questions about their favorite sketches, which was hard for them to do because all their favorites were the ones that have been filmed but not released. It's like us and Land of the Lustrous (volume one comes out on Tuesday!). But Natalie really liked the Mother Power sketch (see it here!), and Stacey mentioned how he had a double in Be Still My Heart (if you don't watch any of the other sketches I've linked, watch this one because it's really funny).

...And I think that mostly covers all the fun stuff. It's likely that there was more that I forgot because I waited so long to post this. We watched three episodes of Attack of Titan Season 2, so that's where my focus went. Maybe if I remember something interesting I'll come back and edit. But the point is, they were both very nice, and it was very nice to meet them.

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet a few members of Studio C, getting to remember a bunch of really funny sketches, this month's chapter of Cramer being relatively easy to translate, having time to watch Attack on Titan, and the positively gorgeous weather we've had the last couple of days.