June 22nd, 2017


Sailor Moon Musical! Aaaaahh!

The last 24 hours have been pretty intense, let me tell you. It started yesterday when we were working on the finale of Kabukibu!. I probably shouldn't go into detail because that would have spoilers, but it was ridiculously hard. It took waaaaaay longer than the average episode. We did take a break to make our weekly phone call to our mother, but I think we ended up working on it until about midnight. Maybe just eleven-thirty. But it was bad. Hopefully the lateness of the hour will not be reflected in the quality of the subtitles. (There may have been a couple of lines that had us going, "I think there's a better way to word that...but there's no time! It's good enough!" These are the dangers of simulcasting.)

So at almost midnight, we're a little tired and maybe having a bit of a hard time focusing on anything, but we're extremely relieved to be finished with that episode, and happy to check our email, Facebook, etc. and go to bed. We pulled up email, and there was one from Tokyo Otaku Mode. Well, that was no surprise; I'm pretty sure they send out several emails a day. But they all have pretty pictures of anime merchandise and the staff is so friendly that we don't mind. We just glance at them and move on with our lives.

But this one was different. It started with, "Congratulations! You have been picked for the Sailor Moon Musical lottery." And we were like, "...Wait, what?"

I don't remember when it was. I think it was another night when we were getting to bed late. *cue flashback harp music* We got an email from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and it said, "Enter the Sailor Moon Musical lottery!" Or something along those lines; I don't remember it exactly, and as soon as we entered, for some reason I thought, "Well, don't want to clutter up my inbox, so now that we're done with that, I'll just go ahead and delete this." But anyway, I guess it's because Tokyo Otaku Mode is the world portal for the Sailor Moon Fan Club that they were facilitating international entries to the Sailor Moon Musical lottery. This is the lottery that gives you the right to buy tickets to see the Sailor Moon Musical live and in person.

When we got the email, we figured we might as well enter, because even though we'd heard that the newer musicals "just aren't the same," we did get into the original ones back in the late '90s. I remember learning Sailor Pluto's song "Stay Alone" in case we got to talk to Naoko Takeuchi at San Diego Comic-Con '98. It was kind of a major nostalgia thing, and kind of a "we need to go back to Japan and this would be a great reason to do it" thing. So we entered, and at the time, we actually did kind of think of it as buying tickets to the show, and also at the same time like, "Ha ha, at least we can say we tried."

Later, Athena thought, "You know, we have some friends who might like to see the show; we could enter me and try for more than two tickets, or at least increase our odds." And we also thought, "By the way, when are we going to find out if we got the tickets? We should check!" But we couldn't do either of these things, because, like I said, I'd already deleted the emails. The show is in September, so we figured we'd find out the results sometime in late July.

So imagine our surprise when we checked email last night, and got that message, "Congratulations! You have been picked for the Sailor Moon Musical lottery." Not only was it way earlier than we expected to hear about it, but it was that very day that I had remembered entering and told myself, "You know you're not that likely to win," AND we were really tired. So it all felt very unreal. But it is real! We're actually going to see a Sailor Moon Musical! If we can get to Japan!

But you guys, you don't understand. Sailor Moon Musicals were like Our Thing way back when. We would have our friend come over...okay, I guess they were his thing, because he had all the videos. But he would come over and we would watch them over and over, and learn all the songs even though none of us could speak Japanese very well yet, and we'd all sing Sailor War Supreme together, sometimes while in line at Disneyland. It was just...I don't know, but they were really important to us. So I'm incredibly grateful that we have this opportunity.

And now there's today! where another exciting thing came up, but it's not going to happen for a little while yet, and I think I'll have more to say about that tomorrow. But we did find out that Tony Anselmo is going to be at Anime Expo signing autographs! And you may think, "But he's not Japanese..." But he's Tony Anselmo! Don't you see!? He's Donald Duck! ...But he's going to be there on the one day we definitely won't be. This is a good thing, because now Athena doesn't have to worry about whether or not she wants an autograph on her Kingdom Hearts costume. (Normally we wouldn't want the English voice actor for a Japanese product, but he is THE Donald Duck, so in this case it would be appropriate.)

Today I'm extremely grateful for getting to buy tickets to a Sailor Moon Musical, having an excuse to go to Japan, finishing the translation we were working on today, finishing the translation we were working on yesterday, and having exciting plans for tonight.