June 21st, 2017


Noragami volume 18

Oh my gosh, you guys. This episode of Kabukibu!. I just can't even anymore. But we have to, because it's not going to translate itself.

But today is Review Rednesday! And it's Noragami! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Favorite series ever! Oh my goodness, you guys, this volume was so good! Or maybe not good, as far as what happens in it, but so well done. Anyway, here's volume 18. Spoiler level: I haven't read the review yet, but I'm gonna guess and say super high.

Collapse )

Oh man, that book. That series. Oh man. So good.

Anyway, for this week's releases, we have...nothing! But tune in next week, for our review of Complex Age volume 5!

Today I'm thankful for getting to read another Noragami review, modern Japanese translations of kabuki plays, the hope that one day we'll be done with this episode of Kabukibu! (ideally that day will be today), donuts to make things better, and the realization that after this episode of Kabukibu! work should feel fairly easy for a while.