June 15th, 2017


Just gonna leave this here.

Well, imagine our surprise when we checked Anime Expo's website today and discovered that Sora himself is going to be a guest of honor! We just posted on Facebook asking if we should meet him as Donald and Goofy or Chip and Dale. Whatever we choose, we'll probably wear the other set on another day, and just make it a Kingdom Hearts weekend. It's funny, because we were playing Union Cross this morning, and I was looking back on things, and thinking maybe our destiny does not lie with Kingdom Hearts after all, and now here Sora's going to be at Anime Expo. (That may have nothing to do with our destiny, but we can still daydream.)

So that kind of derailed my train of thought. But anyway, we're taking the day off!!! Can you believe it? Oh my goodness, so much happiness... Aaaahhh... We were sort of originally planning to do another translation or two first, but then we starting literally falling ill, and we thought, "Hmm, maybe we should take a break." So we are! Tadah! (Nothing serious. Just a sore throat, maybe some tightness in the chest, mild headaches (that are almost certainly enhanced by the lovely new super strong wire in my braces).) And we're planning to spend the afternoon lying down. But first, LiveJournal!

Why? Because since we decided we have free time today, we got caught up on UQ Holder! reviews, and the reviewer we read most frequently has a nasty habit of attributing everything to retcon. Any time there's a plot twist, it must have been retconned in. But, since it's our job to pay attention to every single tiny little written detail (artistic details are not our jurisdiction), we are of the opinion that Ken Akamatsu has not, in fact, been retconning everything, but has planned for at least 40% of the plot twists that have come up. And so, since we foresaw a reveal that, if we are correct, will be huuuuuuge, we wanted to post about it before it happens, so when the reveal finally comes, if anybody tries to attribute it to retconning, we'll be able to say, "Nope. We saw it coming. Here's where we posted about it. You'll notice the date is long before the reveal was actually made."

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And there you have it. Incidentally, we also foresaw the possibility of [redacted] being Negi's crush. Once again, it was too long ago to remember all the details, but there were a lot of flags for those two in the Magical World arc.

Today I'm thankful for having a day off!!!, Sora coming to Anime Expo, having appropriate costumes to wear, getting to sleep in this morning, and it being time to watch Ducktales.