June 14th, 2017


Missions of Love volume 14

We've just been moving so slow today! We still have some work to do, too, but if we can finish it, we can take the rest of the week off! So we're probably going to do that instead of taking the evening off, because whole days are even better.

And now for Review Rednesday, featuring our favorite underrated series, Missions of Love (volume 14)! Spoiler level: moderately high, but it's not really anything you weren't expecting, right?

Collapse )

Awwww, I like that series. We translated volume fifteen just a couple of weeks ago! And it's still so nice.

This week, we actually have two translations released! Complex Age 5 and Fire Force 4! Check 'em out!

And! AND! Tune in next week, for our review of Noragami 18! Noragami!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!! The most heart-wrenching volume ever (or at least so far)! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

...Okay, back to work.

Today I'm thankful for Tangles coming for a visit and then making it safely back outside, finally having plans to get together with Gaston so we can give him the autographed book we got him (that's part of why we're slow today; long phone calls), getting to look back at Missions of Love, having plans to take at least tomorrow off, and getting to review Noragami next week.