June 13th, 2017


Even the fumes are running on fumes

Work kept us up extra late today. ...Okay, not just work. We had to go to the store to get postage stamps, and then we had a surprise visit from the missionaries! And that was very nice, because two of the missionaries (for some reason we have a trio right now) are fans of Grandpa, and the third is a fan of anime. So we had a very lovely visit.

And then Anime Expo posted its schedule, and we took some time to look over that. So all of that, combined with some unreasonably difficult-to-find kabuki translations that we had to deal with, resulted in us staying up a little late to get everything done.

And right now all we want out of life is to sleep...okay, so maybe it's not all we want out of life, or I wouldn't also be planning to check Facebook before shutting the computer down, but the point is, we're very tired, to the point where we're pretty sure the main cause of our under-the-weather-ness is fatigue. So off to bed!

Today I'm thankful for more lovely visits from the missionaries, managing to get all of our work done, having postage stamps, super cute Page, and getting to scoop a kitten last night. The kitten did not appreciate it. (Oh yeah, that's why we didn't get enough sleep last night; Page kept asking to go out and then not actually going out.)