June 9th, 2017


Reaching our limit

Apparently we've been working ourselves too hard. I mean, obviously we've been working really hard for the last long while (except for Tuesday when we blew off work; did we mention that?), but before we were always like, "Eh, you can work through fatigue. Just keep going and eventually you'll get to stop." Today we were feeling like maybe we couldn't just work through it. Like there were going to be massive headaches and/or just falling asleep right in the middle of everything. There may also have been some nausea.

Come to think of it, I feel like the fatigue wasn't quite so bad as when we'd just gotten back from Japan, but it was definitely pretty bad. Like if you've ever gone to Disneyland with us on a day when we were so busy trying to please everyone that we forgot to eat, it was something like that. ...I guess the only people who have done that with us don't read this blog. But the point is, it was bad.

Fortunately, we managed to finish our first draft of In/Spectre before our regular workday ended...sort of. I mean, not before what was originally our regular workday ended, but before the end time of what's been our regular workday for the last several months. Anyway, it felt like we were done early for the day. You know, assuming we didn't get to work on the other thing due at the beginning of next week. But we opted for lying down instead. And now we're feeling a little better, and maybe we'll get back to work, or maybe we'll say, "NO! We NEED to REST!" ...It's really hard to decide. And we'll probably end up working tomorrow anyway. Or maybe we won't. I just don't know anymore.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our main work quota early, getting to lie down and watch some anime, the super delicious Haagen Dazs ice cream we bought a little while back, manga that confirms(?) the idea that doing intense brain work does in fact wear you out, and kittens on the fence.