June 7th, 2017


Kingdom Hearts II Omnibus 4

Fortunately, our schedule hasn't gotten to be so jam-packed that we have to skip Review Rednesday! Or has it? Only future me can tell.

Anyway, this week, we bring you our review of the second half of the last Kingdom Hearts II omnibus. At least, I think that's what this review covers. I think even if I were to pull out our comp copies, I wouldn't be sure. But to give you an idea of how long this book was in the making, we wrote our review for the final (regular) volume of the series over a year ago. Our review of the volume before that was written another year before that. So this review is going to be a major surprise for us, too! Spoiler level: It's the last volume.

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My two main thoughts are that man, I want to read this series again, and even worse, we still have yet to get a PS4 and play Kingdom Hearts II.8. This means we've only played through Dream Drop Distance once, and it has some super amazing plot twists and I don't even remember what they are! Just that I was all, "!!!!" But we're still annoyed that they didn't call the Pinocchio world "Pleasure Island." On the other hand, I can imagine kids googling that and coming up with some very non-Disney things, so I guess they have a good reason. Anyway, maybe someday we'll have enough money for a PS4 and enough time to play through an entire Kingdom Hearts game. Oh man, how cool would it be to just marathon them all? ...But maybe without getting 100%.

Today I'm thankful for being pretty much on schedule as far as our readjusted work schedule, a trip down Kingdom Hearts memory lane, at least Kingdom Hearts Union Cross not needing a big time investment (but sometimes you want to invest a lot of time in a favorite video game world!), having leftover Cheesy Bites pizza for dinner, and the hope of one day being able to play a major Kingdom Hearts game again.

ETA: I almost forgot! This week, we had a very exciting new release--Noragami 18! Oh my goodness, you guys, this volume. But tune in next week, for our review of Missions of Love 14!