June 6th, 2017


Did I mention we blew off work today?

Oh my goodness, today has been such a day. First, I want to say that I don't mean to ignore the comments about Wonder Woman, but our day ended up super way more packed than we ever could have imagined, and I'm kind of hyped up on something else, so I can't focus enough to reply to them. I promise I will try to get to them tomorrow! But tomorrow's shaping up to be packed, too, so I can make no guarantees.

But I didn't want to skip posting today, because...because! It was just such a day.

So it started when we finished our morning routine and discovered we had no internet. This is how we realized just how dependent we are on the internet for our job. I briefly considered looking into offline dictionaries, because it was really kind of ridiculous. Fortunately, we had a volume of Land of the Lustrous that just needed a final read-through, which actually may not be so fortunate, when you consider that it means we were behind schedule on it (whatever that means; our deadline on it was kind of arbitrary anyway). But the point is, we had something we could work on that didn't require internet. We actually considered, since it was a local outage and not something I could just call and say, "Hey, could you turn my internet back on?", ditching everything and going to Disneyland until the internet came back, but by the time we realized it was out, the crowds would have picked up anyway. So we worked.

Right about when we finished, the internet came back, so we checked email and found a sort of rush project that one of our companies wants us to do! And something about it made it hard to refuse, so we agreed, and realized that our schedule for the week is getting to be a little tight. But we did some work, and then it was lunchtime, so we went to Facebook...and Don Hahn, the producer of the original animated Beauty and the Beast, had just posted that he was at Disneyland signing autographs. Beauty and the Beast is the movie that we watched and enjoyed most recently (we watched Aladdin more recently, but I was in a weird mood that day, so I had little patience for Aladdin's...whatever he was doing), so of course we could not resist this. I mean, he was right here where we could get to him and everything! In fact, we were a little worried that we wouldn't make it in time, since we didn't see the post right after he posted it. But we knew he had to have lunch before his last signing session, so we decided to take our chances.

And after a quick lunch of our own, off we went! On our way there, we thought about all kinds of things, including the fact that we were sure Gaston would have called and we would have gone to Disneyland around now anyway. That made us think, huh, I bet he would like a copy of this book we're about to buy and get signed. So we bought two copies, and then we got in line. Apparently this event was very narrowly publicized, because there weren't a whole lot of people there, and several of the ones we talked to, including the cast member who rang up our purchase, said they didn't know about it until today. This may or may not be part of why I felt the need to tell every single person we talked to that we blew off work to be there today. The other part was that we have so very much work that we're blowing off.

My trend of telling our life story to everyone we talked to continued right up until we were next in line for autographs. I should probably point out now that the book being signed was Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast, and not only was Don Han there, but the writer of the book, Charles Solomon, was there, as well. They had cast members with post-its so you could have whatever you wanted them to write on a note for them to copy, thus making things more efficient, and probably making it easier for the signers to chat with the fans.

Anyway, we were next, and while the person in front of us got her autographs, the cast member in charge of saying, "Okay, go on up," asked us how we were doing. Of course, I had to tell him, as I told everyone, that we had blown off work to be here. And, as just about everyone responded, he asked where we worked. I don't know if that was just to be polite, or if it was because people were like, "What kind of a place do you work that you can up and leave to go to an autograph signing?" Well, anywhere, if you're willing to risk getting fired. But anyway, today was a day when I was not feeling the need to explain our job in terms that any layperson might understand, so I just said, "We translate anime and manga."

That's when Charles Solomon reacted and said, "Hontou desu ka?" I was not expecting that, so it took me an extra second to process what was happening and come up with the appropriate response, "Hontou desu yo!" (For those of you who don't know Japanese, that's "Really?" and "Really!") He asked us what manga we translated, and I indicated my shirt and said Your Lie in April (I'm wearing my Your Lie in April shirt today), Noragami is our favorite...and then I pretty much forgot everything that we translate. Athena remembered Kingdom Hearts (she was wearing her Kingdom Hearts shirt), and the original Fruits Basket. He seemed to know what we were talking about with that, so that was good, but I didn't think to explain that it wasn't because they hated our current translation style that we didn't get to do the new version. He told us that he's interviewed a few manga artists, listing Tite Kubo and the guy whose name he can't remember did Naruto. And we were like, "Oh, yeah, that publisher won't answer our emails." And now I'm really worried that he thinks we're just bad translators. Dang it, I did not think of these things during the discussion. Well, he can Google us and read some of our work. You know, if he cares.

Fortunately, we had finished chatting with him by the time Don Hahn got a hold of the copy of the book that we bought for Gaston and Alice, because after we told the cast member what to write on the post-it note, we came up with something even better, and it was better from Don Hahn than from Charles Solomon. Since Gaston and Alice recently had their wedding anniversary, we decided the book could be an anniversary present (that way it would be simpler to just give it to them instead of asking, "So, uh, do you want to give us mumble-mumble bucks so we can buy this book for you?"), and our post-it message was just "happy anniversary." Since Gaston wouldn't be able to make it in time to meet either of these guys, we wanted there to be a more personalized message, because one of the reasons you get autographs is so you can meet the person and let them know you exist. So we wanted to let Don Hahn know that Gaston exists.

And that's why I thought it would be even more fun, since Gaston played Gaston, to ask Mr. Hahn to write, "To the best Gaston I've never met." And then, since it was a gift for Alice, too, (even though I don't know who would enjoy the book more, but I think it might be Gaston), I wanted him to add, "And his Belle."

So now it was time to ask him if he would write that, and he seemed like a nice enough guy, so I shoved aside thoughts of, "But there might be other actors who played Gaston that he would like better that he's also never met..." and just let Athena ask him. And oh my goodness, he did it! He even made it better. His exact message was, "To the best Gaston I've never met. (And his Belle, too!) Yer fan, Don Hahn." Isn't that just the best!? The "yer fan" is such a nice touch, and it helps me feel like he was happy to do it and not just humoring us. And then, to top it all off, when we all posed in a picture together, he pointed at Athena (since she was standing next to him) like, "Oh my gosh, it's her!" You guys, Don Hahn's a pretty great guy.

Incidentally, all of this is supposed to be a surprise for Gaston, so don't tell him! (I figure it's okay to post it here anyway, because even though I've told him we keep a blog and write about him in it, he hasn't shown any signs of ever having read it. But if you did happen to find this blog, Gaston, you have to comment now, because you ruined the surprise and now we have to know your reaction as soon as possible.)

So that was pretty much the best, and then, since we were at Disneyland anyway, we figured we should stop by and say hello to our friend Farley. Unfortunately, we caught him just as he was going backstage, so we went and got some fuel (in the form of super chocolaty brownies), and then came back for Farley's next set. We spent the first half of it just talking while he occasionally played something on his fiddle because, you know, that's his job. (In case you were wondering, yes, we did tell him that we blew off work to be there. It was funny, too, because in our society we're so programmed that being busy is good, that when we said, "We've been really busy," as a way to explain why we haven't been to Disneyland at all lately, his immediate response was, "Well, good!") Then some kids showed up, and we all sang Old McDonald, stopping after each animal so he could tell jokes related to the animal. It was a good time.

We briefly considered going over to California Adventure to check out the new "hero up" stuff that opened up along with the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, but we decided to be responsible and go home to work instead. We got about a fourth of the way through our quota before it was dinner time, so we ordered a Cheesy Bites pizza, because it was just that kind of day and we had a $10 coupon, and soon after Pizza Hut texted to let us know it was on its way, we got another text from our friend about the play we agreed to help with audience participation on. And that took up the rest of our night, and we got home late, and now here we are. Tadah!

The play is going to take up at least tomorrow evening, and maybe even more of that, so it turns out blowing off work has given future us many more problems than we were bargaining for. But I'm glad we did it anyway. We had a really good day today. ...Now hopefully we'll be able to get the rest of our work done in the next two weeks.

Today I'm thankful for finding out about that signing before it was over, having a pretty neat experience at the signing, getting to meet some great people, Don Hahn's super awesome message to Gaston, and the awesomeness of Cheesy Bites pizza.