June 4th, 2017



Well, we just finished watching the original Ducktales pilot. Or the five-part mini-series that was the Ducktales pilot, I guess. It's kind of baffling; if it was a five=part series, how could we have watched it all in one night as a TV event? If each episode is 20 minutes, that's a hundred minutes, which would mean two hours and only twenty minutes of commercials, and such a thing hardly makes any sense. Although, apparently it premiered back in '87, so maybe it was a special movie event on the Disney Channel with no commercials? It used to be a thing that the reason people paid for cable networks was so they could have no commercials. Maybe that's what it was.

And wow, can you believe the Ducktales TV show is thirty years old? More than making me feel old, I'm actually just surprised it started when we were so young. For some reason, I seem to associate it more with our nine-year-old selves. Maybe because that's when the Disney Afternoon was a thing, and it was on channel 9 when we were 9.

Anyway, it's pretty good stuff. And pretty impressive animation for a TV series. Especially, there's this one part where Scrooge is about to go at it with the main villain of the mini-series, and they close up on his face, and just everything about that scene was so well done. (I also want to point out how appealing the character designs are. Ah, back in the day when cartoons were cute. I guess they can't be cute anymore, because cute isn't edgy. Just another way we take traits that are typically thought of as feminine and making sure everyone "knows" it's not something to strive for.)

So yeah. I think the series holds up. We still enjoyed watching it, and not just in a, "Oh man, this takes me back to my childhood" sort of way. In an actual, "Hey, this is really well done," sort of way. And of course, we love Alan Young's Scrooge. As I mentioned previously, we've been watching Mr. Ed to see more of Alan Young, and I don't know if it's just...I don't know what it is, but I keep looking at him and thinking he looks like he could be related to the Nibleys. Maybe it's just that Scots look a lot alike or something, but he seriously has facial features that resemble one of our cousins. We actually spent some time on FamilySearch.org today trying to see if we could find a relation, but all we did was remind ourselves that we really have no idea how to do family history research.

Anyway. Ducktales. Woo-ooh!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Ducktales, getting plenty of cake at Bread Day today, Page coming to join us for a little part of our Ducktales marathon, getting to see more of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask (a tuxedo cat that we used to only catch sigh of as he was leaping over our gate to get away; he's been hanging around a lot more lately), and Primary not going too terribly today.