June 3rd, 2017



It was another busy Saturday today. It also involved spending extra time on the computer because of Facebook, and it was kind of like, I don't know, like... Okay, so today's topic that made us want to watch extra videos and read extra articles was climate change, and I felt like maybe I was being the opposite of helpful by spending time reading all these online discussions on the computer...which uses electricity...and therefore increases my carbon footprint.

That's the thing that always gets me about the climate change thing. I feel like if we were really concerned about it, the best thing might be to stop arguing about it on the internet, and I don't know, turn off all of our devices for a while or something. A lot of people say well it doesn't matter what I do as an individual which is why we have to get the government to step in and make policies and stuff, and that's fine, too, but if a whole bunch of individuals got together and lowered their carbon footprint, it would add up, right? And you can't make people want to change just by having the government come along and tell them they have to. I can tell you for a fact that not everyone got health insurance just because the Affordable Care Act made it illegal not to. (I can also tell you that healthcare was not made "affordable" for everyone, for the same reason.)

Anyway. As far as Christians and climate are concerned, the Bible does say that the elements are going to melt as with fervent heat, so I definitely believe there will be global warming, one way or another. What the Bible is talking about there, though, is the end of the world, which, I believe, is going to happen when the world is so evil that God decides it's time to end it. So I believe that the answer to global warming is to love one another.

Today I'm thankful for this beautiful Earth, a much more lighthearted episode of Death Parade, finishing the side project that was kind of driving us nuts, getting to use our fancy new hair-drying turbans, and still having ice cream even though we finished the peach sorbet.