May 24th, 2017


In/Spectre volume 4

So Kodansha finally posted their June releases, and it looks like we have a bunch of translations coming out! Now our time seems less spent in vain. But for today, it is Review Rednesday, and we present to you our review of In/Spectre volume 4! Spoiler level: what even is a spoiler in this series? I'll go ahead and say moderately high.

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Tadah! In/Spectre is a fun series.

As for this week's releases...there are actually three! And two of them are omnibuses! We have the fifth and final volume of Corpse Party, the fourth and final volume of Kingdom Hearts II (both of which had ten volumes in Japan...), and the fourteenth and not final volume of Missions of Love! I'm pretty sure there will be some strong preferences as to what reviews people would rather read, but since I don't really know what they are, we're just going to go in alphabetical order unless otherwise requested. So unless someone speaks up VERY SOON, we'll be reviewing Corpse Party next week! Check it out!

Today I'm thankful for this month's chapter of Cramer not being too difficult, getting to see a bowl of kitten, getting our Kingdom Hearts II comp copies, leftover pizza, and wildlife address labels.