May 23rd, 2017



As Anime Expo draws ever nearer, we grow ever more impatient for them to announce a guest of honor that we super want to see. Of course, we've become pretty blase about just about everything lately, so that list is extremely short, making the odds of those people coming very small, but that's okay; we're sure we'll have a good time anyway, and we're excited to see people from our publishers.

In the meantime, today they announced an anime vlogger as a guest, and we were like, "Hey, he's just a normal dude with an opinion. We're normal people with opinions, and we even translate manga! Why can't we be famous like that?" Well, thinking about it logically, we probably don't want to be too famous, but! more importantly, the obvious reason he's more famous is that he has a vlog that people like. So we were thinking maybe we should start a vlog. We have some ideas for it, including translation demonstrations, and even just reading our manga reviews out loud. We just wrote a review for Fire Force, and I think it could definitely benefit from a good out-loud reading, but it has to be done by us, or the intonation is sure to be all wrong. (We're very picky about our line delivery. When we wrote a skit for the AX Masquerade back in 2004, some other people in our group had their friends record the lines, and they were like, "You guys, it's so great!" and we heard it and were like, "But that's not our vision at all!" Sorry, voice actors! You did a good job! ...I assume. I haven't heard that skit in years.)

But of course the odds of us starting a vlog are about the same as the odds of us starting a translation review blog, meaning we think it would be nice, but who's got the time? Not us, that's for sure.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota for today, getting to try out an episode of Clockwork Planet, deals from Pizza Hut, remembering to try out some TV calisthenics, and our Ducktales DVDs being on their way.