May 22nd, 2017



Well, we're back to our regular weekday schedule, which mostly involves work, work, work, and not a lot of time to talk about other things. ...Actually, that's technically not true. We had time to watch an episode of anime, and to have Family Home Evening. This week's lesson was on losing yourself in service to others, which is kind of a tough thing for us, because we never leave our apartment. Well that's just a simple matter of leaving your apartment occasionally, silly! But we have so much work to do! And something we have to remind ourselves is that doing our job well does count as serving.

It's kind of funny how we get these ideas that we have to accomplish things in a certain category, but we don't count the things we already do regularly. For example, we took a health class at BYU, and they wanted you to keep an exercise log, and they told you to count everything, including walking to and from class. And we ended up doing that sometimes, because I don't remember why but we didn't always exercise every day (it might have been a time thing, but it might also have been a laziness thing), and I felt bad about it because I wasn't exercising like I was "supposed to."

Fast forward to several years later when I'm slightly winded coming back from retrieving the mail, and I realize that even walking up and down the hill to class every day was enough physical exertion to help me maintain the ability to, like, move and stuff. The moral of the story is, even if it's part of your routine that you're not doing specifically for the purpose of meeting a certain goal, it doesn't mean you're not achieving that goal anyway.

On the other hand, when I work, I get paid, so does it really count as service? ...I'm just going to say that's why I do my best to provide quality work despite the rates. (But, because I do need to eat, I do have to keep my rates at a certain level.)

Today I'm thankful for reminders that even little acts can help people (not that I don't want to help people, just that the idea is very daunting), the second episode of Death Parade clearing up all of the confusion and not being as stressful as the first, finishing our second draft of Fire Force, getting some very shiny comp copies (Noragami!!!), and finally getting all our mail from last week.