April 28th, 2017

kid flash

Same old same old

Our schedule was absorbed by work once again! It was fun work, though, so that was nice. But man, that chapter of UQ Holder! took longer than we wanted it to. Kirie can get really chatty to herself. And I want to comment on some of the jokes in this chapter, but it hasn't been published yet, so it would be a spoiler. This is one of the hardships of our job.

In that same vein, we have now written FOUR reviews of Land of the Lustrous, and volume one still isn't going to be out for two months! So here we are, just keeping all the awesomeness to ourselves because we don't have much choice. I was considering the possibility of making Japanese friends who could read it, but come to think of it, that wouldn't really help with UQ Holder.

We did take a little bit of time to watch another episode of WorldEnd. It was still really good, but I was struck by the fact that there's pretty much only one male character, and I was like, "Aww, man, all the anime is aimed at guys these days!" Well the simple solution to that is to watch something like The Royal Tutor, which we deliberately chose not to watch because we found out the cast ahead of time and it's a bunch of guys we're not already fans of. It does have Yukine in it, though, technically. The main character is played by the kid who played Yukine in the Noragami stage show. Anyway, my point is, WorldEnd made me grumpy for no good reason, because it really is an interesting show.

And now we're considering a bunch of items and whether or not we should buy any of them for our birthday. Tokyo Otaku Mode has some really nice Your Lie in April necklaces, and we want to get a Newton's cradle for Page, and we were going to unlock all the special quests in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross this week, but we ended up not having any free time to play them in, so that might be a little part of why I'm a little rarful, but I'll get over it. Seriously, I do not need to spend hours upon hours beating up eggs to get experience medals.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation quota for the day, having clean laundry, getting to see Eleanor Audley on The Beverly Hillbillies again, having a little bit of time for some anime, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.