April 27th, 2017


A rose is a rose

Our schedule is all messed up now. I just don't even know what to do with it anymore.

But that's okay, because we went to Disneyland yesterday! I guess. I mean, having been to Disneyland yesterday is actually not really helping with the work situation, but it was nice. It didn't start out so nice, but it was nice in the end. Except that apparently Johnny Depp was pretending to be an animatronic figure on Pirates of the Caribbean last night, and we left pretty early on. We had to, though. Darn scheduling problems.

Anyway. We also went to Disneyland on Tuesday night, but I can't think of anything worth reporting about from then, so back to yesterday morning. We all remembered that, with Honda as the new sponsor of Autopia, they'd added some new scenes featuring the beloved robot Asimo and his little sidekick Bird. So off we went to see them! ...And they were cute, but there were only about five of them: the greeting, the farewell, and three scenes that were pretty much all the same in content--Asimo acting flustered in some way or another while Bird is tied up in/to something. It was a little disappointing. Surely they could have come up with other ways for Bird to be in trouble than to be attached to something.

There was also a very odd situation in that the people who were supposed to get out of the car that Athena was going to get into did not get out of the car, so they just went again while Athena waited for another car. I guess it's possible to be confused about it because most of the other rides where they don't have a cast member let you off the vehicle have a lapbar that unlocks so you know you're supposed to get out, but it's really not rocket surgery. Oh well.

Then we did some stuff, and eventually we found ourselves at the Royal Theatre, where they were just getting ready to start a show! So we watched Beauty and the Beast with a new Mr. Smythe who was very enthusiastic. I think his energy level was just a touch too high for that character, but Gaston liked it because he likes to see people being happy to do what they do. He also had great hair.

After the show, we realized that they had new flavors at Maurice's Twisted Treats...which were basically the old flavors, but enhanced. Oh, except for the signature drink. They used to have a boysen-apple freeze...oh wait, maybe they still had that. I don't remember, but the point is they have a Red Rose Frozen Lemonade, which turned out to actually have a shot of rose-flavored syrup! But if you used your straw to get at the rose syrup before you mixed it in with the lemonade, it tasted a little soapy. But if you did mix it up, it worked with the lemon pretty well.

As for the treats, they enhanced the chocolate twist into a Grey Stuff Twist, so instead of a very thin layer of chocolate filling, it now has a significantly thicker layer of cookies and cream filling--mostly cookies, so the chocolate ratio is now definitely higher, but I guess chocolate doesn't really work that well with the pastry part, because it was still just not that great. We tended to prefer the strawberry twist, which tasted a little like the all-natural fruit roll-ups you'd get at the grocery store. That twist has been upgraded to the Strawberry Rose Twist, which again has more filling, and now the strawberry is mixed with rose. This was another pleasant surprise.

Since the Lemon Rose Cake at the Red Rose Tavern was neither lemon, rose, nor cake, we were a little suspicious, so I asked the cast member before buying anything, "Is there really any rose flavor in any of this?" And she said, "Yes, we have the Red Rose Lemonade and the Strawberry Rose Twist." The way she said it didn't inspire any confidence that the "rose" items really had any rose flavoring, so I was still wary. Then we tried it, and sure enough! And the rose worked really well with the strawberry, so that's our new favorite Disneyland treat.

And I think that about covers it. We left after we finished eating. And then we came home and worked.

Today I'm thankful for the rose things at Maurice's Treats actually being rose flavored, having Famous Amos cookies to snack on today, having imaginary wiggle room in our schedule, getting a little extra sleep last night, and Page's attempts to get us to relax.