April 23rd, 2017


Beauty and the Beast: Stockholm

We experienced a sudden increase in popularity after church today. People kept stopping us to talk. And then one of them called later and asked if we wanted to go to the singles' fireside/potluck tonight. I don't think there's any romantic interest with that one; he's on the older side and seems to be attached to one of the ward's widows. But he did used to go to church where our family used to go to church when we were growing up, so I think it's a nostalgia thing, maybe with some interest in the whole Nibley thing. There might be some romantic interest with the other guy, but I probably shouldn't speculate much more on that, since it would just be gossip.

The point is, we didn't have plans for tonight, and now suddenly we do. There's supposed to be some smart guy talking at the fireside, so hopefully he's not too smart for us. Intellectual stimulation is nice, but our brains are tired.

But not so tired that we couldn't do some musing on the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing in Beauty and the Beast. Hold on a sec while I pull up the Wikipedia page for reference.

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So there's my thoughts, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for Primary classes not going too terribly today, the yummy leftover pizza we had for lunch, the hope of yummy desserts at this potluck, catching sight of another one of the new kittens, and getting to see my hummingbird yesterday.