April 22nd, 2017


Watching some new anime

We decided to take it easy today, so what did we do? More work! Only in a more laid-back sort of way? Like, we went grocery shopping and stuff first, and we decided not to rush ourselves to get things done. We even spent a little bit of time this morning watching some anime, which is our way of being in denial about having to do stuff. We realized last night that that's the problem we're having with all this work--as soon as we decided we're done working for the day, we're free to do what we want. But then we end up staying up extra late, because as soon as we go to sleep, we'll be waking up to several more hours of stuff we "have to" do before we're free to do what we want to do. Fortunately, we enjoy a lot of the stuff we "have to" do, so it's easier to have the will power to do it anyway, and the "I don't wanna have to" thing comes in waves. Sometimes it's not as bad as others.

But! we sampled some new anime today. We liked the title of The Silver Guardian, so we watched the first two episodes of that. The first one was kind of whatever, but the second one had us interested. They're half as long as regular anime episodes, so they'll be good if we have an awkward amount of time to kill. Then, just now, we watched the highly anticipated anime with the super long title, which title is not as long as it would be if we had translated it, because we feel like it needs more words to get the proper nuance across, so we would have had it as "What Will You Be Doing at the End of the World? Will You Be Busy? Would You Mind If I Asked You to Save Us?" Yeah, I like our version better. But of course, I almost always do. Anyway, that one's looking really interesting as of the first episode, so we're definitely going to be watching more of it.

Of course, what I really want in an anime right now is for it to have our beloved favorite voice actor, and that problem is easily solved by watching the new season of Attack on Titan, but we never finished the first one. We started watching it soon before we moved, and then we moved when we had about three episodes left and never got back to it. But that's the show that had us wondering why we even liked Yuki Kaji to begin with. I like to think that's just a sign of how good an actor he is. Anyway, the story for Attack on Titan really is fascinating, and I want to know what the heck is in that basement that was clearly very important so Eren promptly forgot all about it for the rest of the series (of what we've seen). Maybe someday.

In completely unrelated news, we've been wondering what to do about the whole LiveJournal vs. Dreamwidth thing, or LiveJournal Exodus II: The Rushinning, as we liked to call it. We really do feel at home at LJ, but since we have been asked to go to Dreamwidth, we were a little torn. It wasn't until this morning that it occurred to me: Why not both? So we're thinking of getting an account at Dreamwidth, but we're still not sure we want to take the plunge. We're just always so hesitant about everything.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch some new anime, the lobster bisque potato chips from Tokyo Treat not killing us (they tasted fine, but they smelled nasty; lucky(?) for me, my nose is stuffed up, but Athena wasn't so fortunate (she says it wasn't so bad after the first chip)), having some Sunkist fruit gems to help ensure that we weren't tasting lobster bisque for the rest of the day, getting some work done, and catching a glimpse of one of the new kittens.