April 21st, 2017


Not that Thor. The other Thor.

We were going to call it a day, and then we remembered we had one very little project we needed to take care of first. But we have to wait for some software updates, so here we are updating LJ instead. Tadah!

I think it may be about time I start talking about Thor again. Not the one in the new movie that's coming out, although I must say I find him to be more physically attractive. I'm talking about the one in KamiGami no Asobi InFinite.

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And that's where we are now. There is a possibility that maybe we'll get to the end of this story in the near future, and there's also the possibility that we won't get back to it for a long, long time. We shall see.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that horror book (one more left in the series!), finishing it with plenty of time to work on happier projects, getting to have a yummy Freschetta pizza for dinner, our CD Japan order being on its way, and Page once again being super cute.