April 20th, 2017


And I'm a workaholic.

The original plan today was to finish that horror book, but then we got the latest chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer a lot sooner than expected. We hoped that meant the Japanese editors finished with it sooner which would in turn hopefully mean there was less text, and indeed there was! It was the fastest chapter of Cramer we've done in a while. But it still took forever trying to figure out all the soccer terms. Is there some kind of a soccer TV show we could watch to familiarize ourselves with the sport? And I don't mean just watching soccer; we don't have the patience for that kind of thing. I mean a show about people who play soccer, with a story and stuff. There would have to be actual soccer in there, too, of course, but we need more to hold our attention than a ball going back and forth.

Anyway, we finished that earlier than expected, and then we were faced with the decision of whether or not to work on something else--not the horror thing, because all our working ourselves up to it had been ruined, so we weren't up for it anymore. But we have plenty of work with which to occupy ourselves, so we had two competing schools of thought going on. The first was, "If we keep working, we'll finish the work and get a chance to rest!" and the second, perhaps more realistic one, was, "The work is never going to end. Rest now while you have the chance." This idea was reinforced this morning by discussions of potential new projects from not one, but two companies we work for. (Normally this is where I'd tell you not to get excited about it, but actually at this point we don't even know what the projects are going to be, but we can tell you that one of them is a video game, so you probably don't care (unless there are some hidden video game fan readers out there!).)

(Also for those of you wondering why in the world we would accept such proposals...we're gluttons for manga and video games, I guess? We actually came pretty close to turning down the video game one, but there are certain video games that we really, really want to translate, and since we don't know what it is... (We did tell them we couldn't work on it until summer, so we weren't completely foolhardy.) As for the manga, we like our manga publishers, and we don't like to say no to them. Plus, we're still reeling from taxes, which makes it very hard to say no to work. And! our schedule from about mid-May on was looking pretty open. That's sure to change quickly, but for now, it seems like we could handle some more work.)

So while the second school of thought was winning out, we realized that we probably want to spend some time on Kingdom Hearts Union Cross next week. As a result, it was back to work we went! But we also took some time to watch the latest episode of The Middle, so we're not feeling too crushed. And we have plenty of cookies, so if we need a sugar boost, we have one!

Speaking of which, we saw an article about, "Oh my gosh, do you have any idea what a disgusting amount of sugar is in those new unicorn frappucinos from Starbucks!?" And we read it and thought, "So you're saying we...should try them." They're like, "That's 15 whole teaspoons!" and I was like, "...but teaspoons are tiny."

Today I'm thankful for a fairly easy chapter of Cramer this month (and it was pretty fun, too!), having lots of fun projects to work on, getting to meet our new neighbors (because the sister missionaries in our ward helped them move in! we offered to help, too, but they apparently didn't need us, which was good because we hate moving, and while our May schedule is looking alright, we're still not sure we can survive our April schedule), having time to watch some TV, and the super cute little meditating rooster plushie we have on our other desk.