April 19th, 2017


That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! volume 4

We just finished our first draft of a horror series, and man, those things can be exhausting. We have got to stop agreeing to do them. You really have to wonder 1)why anyone would enjoy reading/viewing that kind of content, and 2)what kind of a sick mind you'd have to have to come up with that kind of stuff. But the creator seems like a pretty nice guy. It is a mystery.

Anyway. It's Review Rednesday! And boy could I go for a nice cheery review. It would have been funny and sad if we were scheduled to post a Corpse Party review today. But it would have been the last one, so there's that. But that is not the case! This week we bring you our review of the fourth and final volume of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! Spoiler level: Surprisingly low for the last volume, but it is the last volume, so be warned.

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Today I'm thankful for memories of much happier serieseses, finishing that first draft, having gotten to translate That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! (it's the one series of this batch that we chose for ourselves that didn't turn out to be ridiculously hard to translate; apparently we don't really know how to pick 'em, but we love them all...unless we're tired), not having to keep working on the horror book into the night, and having plans to go to a Relief Society activity.