April 17th, 2017



For the third non-Sunday in a row, we got to play Kamigami no Asobi! Woohoo! I thought maybe we should post about what we've done so far in Thor's story before we went on, but then I was like, "I don't think anything even really happened..." So I decided it might be better to get at least one ending first. I don't know if that's true, but we'll see.

We also opened up this month's Yume Twins box, and now we officially have a bento box! Tadah! It's two tiered, so if we want to take a small snack with us somewhere, we can share it! So now I like to imagine making cute little lunches to take to Disneyland. But of course we are nowhere near domestic enough to do that. If we had a rice cooker, we probably wouldn't even bother making an all rice lunch. That's how lazy we are when it comes to food.

But! we do have an idea that we really like and would like to put into practice someday when we're not overworked all the time. Athena came up with it when we were considering what to do if we had to stop eating tomatoes. For anyone who was wondering about the tomato allergy scare, we decided it was probably nothing, and we've been eating pizza almost like normal for weeks now. Ha, ha, ha. What? It has all the food groups! Or close enough, anyway.

I think I am really for real allergic to latex, though. Last month, the orthodontist decided to put more brackets on my molars, so his hands were in my mouth for longer than usual and my lips were burning afterward. Then I remembered that when he first put the braces on my lips were burning, too. My theory is that when I had my wisdom teeth out, my body hated it so much it decided to treat latex as a threat.

But oh yeah, I was talking about Athena's idea! We realized, also thanks to pizza (or Pizza Hut, to be specific, with their crust flavors), that we're a lot more willing to try new flavors if they come in the form of bread. That's how we learned that we really just don't enjoy curry (sorry, curry lovers! more for you!). Around that same time, Dictionary.com's word of the day was "panivore," which is an eater of bread. And we were like, "Hey, that's us!" And what with all the Italian ice we've been eating, Athena had this idea that maybe if we pureed fruit and made it into bread, we could get more fruit in our diet and actually enjoy eating it. (But not banana bread. We don't like banana bread.) So one day, we may actually look up recipes for, like, strawberry bread and peach bread and then once we get the hang of it, we'll make up our own flavors of bread! And maybe we'll make it up into cute shapes to put in our cute My Melody bento box.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota without too much trouble again, getting to play KamiAso again, dreams of strawberry bread, having a cute My Melody bento box (it came with chopsticks! if only we were capable of using chopsticks!), and the super yummy chocolate lover's cookies we had for a snack today.