April 14th, 2017


Miracles can happen

Today was a magical day. Our goal was to finish a first draft of Land of the Lustrous, and we were sure we'd be working late on it, because even if it wasn't extra text-heavy, I had an orthodontist appointment which was going to mess with our rhythm. We did have hope that maybe we would finish it before the appointment, but we had to tell ourselves not to get our hopes up.

But then! then we finished it so quickly, we even had time to translate some UQ Holder! bonus material and get a head start on another project! It was a miracle! This was especially good because we're both starting to feel some colds coming on as a result of our several weeks of working an awful lot and not making up for lost sleep on Saturdays. So we went to the orthodontist marveling at the fact that we wouldn't have to get back to work when we returned.

...And then we came home and found out we have some other odds and ends that we need to take care of by Monday. We probably could put it off until Monday if we wanted to, but that will throw off our Monday rhythm. Fortunately, it will be kind of fun (I think), so that will be good. And tomorrow we can finally sleep and sleep and sleep.

In the meantime, I feel like I should say something more interesting, but I'm not sure I have anything. I kind of wish we could talk about Land of the Lustrous, because it's really, really good, you guys, but since nobody else has even read volume one, it would be a pretty one-sided conversation. But we can post a link to the fully animated promotional video they did for volume one. It's so sparkly... I want to hear it with voices! (Actually, when we found it, there was a link to one that somebody did do with voices, but it was an amateur thing. I want to hear it with professionals! ...Not that they'd necessarily do any better.)

So there you have it. I guess we better either go relax or get that work done.

Today I'm thankful for easily meeting our work quota today, shiny Land of the Lustrous videos, the orthodontist appointment going relatively well (there was a lot of waiting; I should bring a book or something next time), getting a head start on another project (that also happens to be very time consuming), and getting most of the evening off.