April 12th, 2017


Complex Age volume 4

Today's life lesson is that...okay, maybe it's not a life lesson so much as a "this project" lesson, which is that these anime episodes take more time than we hoped they would, and we need to re-calibrate our scheduling projections. Hopefully once we're more used to the whole thing, and once we stop having irregular plans on the day we work on anime, it will take less time and we can fit things in better.

But never mind that. Today is Review Rednesday! And this week, we bring you Complex Age 4! I don't know if I mentioned this before, but it's really funny how we tend to always post the review for a volume in an ongoing series the same week we're translating that series. Maybe that's only logical if you consider the production schedule, but since we're only really familiar with the first part of it, we couldn't say for sure. Anyway, here's the review! Spoiler level: moderately high.

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That's all for this week's review! As for this week's releases, we have the fourth and final volume of The Prince in His Dark Days! And tune in next week for our review of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! volume four! That's also the final volume *sniffle*

Today I'm thankful for having enough wiggle room in our schedule that I don't think we're in too much trouble for the extra time we're taking on stuff, the Swiss dark chocolate Gaston and Alice got for us while in Europe, Page acting like she's feeling better (she seemed a little unhappy this morning, but she seems to have gotten over it), the Cospedia in the last volume of Complex Age only being two pages (they'll probably still take a while to edit properly, but at least there's not as much to edit), and Little Boy Cat feeling well enough to visit.