April 5th, 2017


Corpse Party Omnibus 4

Sorry we disappeared yesterday. We had a little project we were working on, and we were under the impression it was due today, and then it was taking a lot longer than expected. So we stayed up an hour later than usual working on it, and by then we were dying, so we thought, "Hmm, maybe we should check to make sure this thing is due when we think it is," and sure enough, it's actually due tomorrow. So to prevent future dying, we (almost) finished that up and then we took it easy for the rest of the day. And we finally wrote up reviews for two of the books we finished recently!

And speaking of reviews, it's Review Rednesday! Tadah! This week, we bring you Corpse Party Omnibus 4! Are you afraid? Well, don't be! The series may be scary, but our reviews...actually do probably mention some gore this time. Well, let's read and find out! Spoiler level: high.

Collapse )

And there you have it! The next Corpse Party: Blood Covered omnibus will be the last one!

As for this week's releases, we have only one, but it's a good one! Fire Force volume 3! And tune in next week, for Complex Age volume 4!

Today I'm thankful for our deadline not being today, not always translating horror manga, being able to find hope even in horror manga, having a bag of Reese's golden eggs, and taking it easy for a little while.