March 30th, 2017


Kitten kittens

Our schedule went a little wonky today, and we don't have time to get any momentum on Land of the Lustrous before dinner, so we're pretending we have time to update LiveJournal! Tadah! We might, actually. It's entirely possible that we'll be able to meet our Land of the Lustrous quota after dinner without staying up late.

Now the question is whether or not I have non-work-related thoughts that are cohesive enough to write about anything. Well, the big news is that the neighborhood kittens from last year have had their kittens now. Tadah! I mean, not all of them have. We told you about Bamboo and how she's been spayed. We haven't seen her around since a few days after we released her, so we're hoping it's just that the neighbors had a friend who adopted her. We do miss our little house-guest. But Little Boy Cat still likes to drop in when Page goes outside, and he hasn't matured enough to start marking his territory yet, so he's still welcome.

In the meantime, we're really glad that the neighbors seem to know what they're doing as far as dealing with all the cats and kittens, because we are clueless and helpless. For us, the best news is that Mushroom knows us well enough that she doesn't hiss at us whenever we get close enough to the fence to look at her and her kittens.

Today I'm thankful for the yummy ring-shaped potato crisps we got from Tokyo Treat, progress not being despairingly terrible at work, oh my goodness is it still Thursday? having another day this week, peanut butter with sugar in it, and having some of that peanut butter in the form of yellow Reese's eggs.