March 29th, 2017


Nekogahara volume 2

I feel like we can actually breathe today! But then I get nervous because I wonder if it's a trap. We must maintain constant vigilance!

But today is Review Rednesday, and that means I have an LJ post pre-written! Lucky for you! (<--?)

This week we have Nekogahara volume two! I haven't read the review yet, but I do remember this volume being preeeetty weird. Let's find out! Spoiler level: after reading the review, we're still not sure. I'm going to say mild?

Collapse )

That's it for this week! As for new releases, once again we have nothing! It's always a little weird when that happens on weeks when we've been super busy. It's like, "We've been working and working and working and working. We've done SO MUCH work. Why is there no sign of our work?" But these things happen. I bet some month will come along with like eight releases that we did.

Anyway, tune in next week for Corpse Party Omnibus 4!

Today I'm thankful for feeling like we can breathe today, getting things almost worked out with that other thing we're working on, reminders to look into getting a kendama or two, getting to spend some time on the couch with Page yesterday (at dinner time and when we decided against our better judgment to watch an episode of Last Man Standing before going to bed), and stirrings of potential Japan trips in the future.