March 23rd, 2017


I have something on my mind♪

Well, we finally finished editing this volume of In/Spectre, which continues to be more like a novel than a manga in regard to text density. Then we realized that it will probably take about an hour to do the final read-through, so we decided to do that tomorrow morning when we're less tired. Hopefully we'll get more sleep than we did last night. It was purely our own fault for staying up until after one. (Lately we've been getting to sleep by eleven-thirty.) I keep wanting to say, "We just need to finish this, and our schedule will be normal again!" but then we finish it and we're rushing to get the next thing done. And then other companies come along and say, "Hey, you want some more work?" and we say, "Sure!", but I already mentioned that.

Oh, right! We helped with auditions for a musical last night. I don't think there's a whole lot to report about on that, though. People came, they read lines, they sang, we evaluated them, and that was pretty much it. There's some other guy who's doing the directing, and he wasn't there last night, so we just wrote down notes. Hopefully he'll understand them!

Other than that, I'm not sure I can think of much to talk about, which is kind of ironic maybe, because part of the reason for that is that I have so much on my mind. But some of it's confidential, so then it gets all weird, like I don't know what's okay to talk about anymore. Our stepsister recently got hired as a character host at Disneyland; that should be okay to talk about. She's really excited, because it was her dream job so she didn't think she'd be able to go straight from "not working at Disneyland" to "character host." Our thinking was always along the lines of, "Why not?", but apparently it's harder than it sounds. You have to deal with people asking why Captain America doesn't look like Chris Evans, for example. Or smart alecks like me asking why the Beast is in full formal attire while Belle is in a simple peasant dress. I'm still not satisfied with the answer I got, but I also still have not come up with a more satisfactory one. Of course, I could just use that as a reason to say, "See, Disneyland? You're doing it wrong!" At least put him in the puffy shirt he was wearing during "Something There," if you don't want to have him going around in nothing but pants and a cape.

Anyway, the character host thing is weird because it made us confront ourselves again. Working with Disney characters seems like a dream job for us, too, so we're jealous. We have to keep telling ourselves that it's not really what we want. And it's not like things are going terribly for us with our current career path. They're actually going really well; we seem to be in fairly high demand. Or at least we're in high enough demand that we're always rushing to get stuff done (although, Athena points out, it's hard to tell if we're so busy because we have so many assignments, or if it's because those assignments are like In/Spectre (great series, though)). Maybe what it is is that for years now, we've felt like Disney has been pushing us away--like growing up we always knew that we could go back to Disney, it was our thing, etc. But we haven't been liking what they're doing, and that makes us feel like outsiders. And now Kimee is a character host, which makes her an insider. Yeah, that seems like a reasonable explanation. We are happy for her, though. Just in a melancholy sort of way.

So I guess what we need to do is just focus on all the awesome stuff that's going on for us. We get to work on Land of the Lustrous soon! There's cool stuff before that, too, but I don't think I can talk about it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our In/Spectre edit, getting to see Bananya in the refrigerator, our friend treating us to Joe's Italian Ice, peach delight water ice, and remembering that although we don't have cookies we do have ice cream.