March 22nd, 2017


Say I Love You volume 17

Our schedule is in chaos once again, because today we're helping with auditions for a musical that a friend of ours has written! Ooooohh! And fortunately, we were able to focus anyway. But more importantly, it's Review Rednesday! This week we bring you the penultimate volume of Say I Love You.! Spoiler level: pretty high.

Collapse )

And now there's no telling when the next and final volume of this series will be released! But that's okay, because we have a lot on our plate right now, so we're actually pretty grateful for the hiatus.

As for new releases, this week we have That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! 4! It's the last volume! And it's really cute! That and the fact that it has an extra story about the cat is all I'm going to say. And tune in next week for our review of Nekogahara 2! ...I'm sorry. (That's my apology for the volume, not for the fact that that's the series we're going to review. I don't remember what we wrote about it, but I'm sure the review will be rather entertaining.)

Today I'm thankful for our YumeTwins box finally arriving, the clam chips not killing us (they tasted pretty much like normal potato chips, but there was still a psychological element of, "Ew, they flavored this with clam!"), our In/Spectre edit not killing us, the cookie we got from Pizza Hut (we've been suffering from cookie deprivation), and getting to help with our friend's musical.