March 21st, 2017


God of thunder

Today has been a pretty bizarre day. It started out being on a weird-ish schedule because we were supposed to have the missionaries over for dinner, and that meant we had to keep an eye on the clock as the workday went on, and whenever we have to be careful about time, our motivation plummets. So instead of doing the work that has a deadline, we did a translation test for another company! Because what we need is more work, right? (Note for people new to our blog: we do not need more work.)

Then the missionaries had to cancel (one of them was sick, poor girl). They called right as I was ordering the pizza, which meant we could have saved ourselves some money and had a regular dinner...but we really wanted to order pizza, so we did anyway. I think that was a good call, because what with all the wearing ourselves out, I don't think we've been giving ourselves enough fuel. We managed to finish a whole large pizza and still have room for dessert, which is kind of unusual.

And then we got back from dinner and had the results of our translation test, which were very complimentary, so that made us feel good. There might be a little bit of dread as I consider our work schedule (we probably ought to work some more tonight, as a matter of fact, but despite our big dinner, it's hard to shift our brains into the right gear just now). But there was a meme on Facebook with an animated gif of Ariel, and the text above the gif said, "You have plenty of books already," and it's the bit from "Part of that World" where she sings, "I want more..." and we were like, "Apparently that's us and work."

But the thing is we started Thor's path in Kamigami no Asobi InFinite, like, a week or more ago? We don't even know, it was that long ago. And obviously we haven't talked about it yet or why would I bring it up like it's a new thing?

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So Thor's story is pretty fun. Maybe someday we'll get back to it...

Today I'm thankful for highly complimentary test results, getting to feast on pizza, at least finishing our first draft of In/Spectre, discovering that Kaji-kun plays more banana cats than just Bananya (still don't know if he plays the one we got a plush of, though), and cookies.