March 19th, 2017


Don't get me started

Well, we finally finished posting all our Japan pictures last week, so our Sunday picture thing is over, and now I'm not sure what to post about. We were sort of planning to have an Alan Menken marathon this weekend, but that got co-opted by busyness. I think we're still planning to watch Beauty and the Beast tonight, but I don't know. We might rather watch something else, since Beauty and the Beast is actually the animated Disney movie we watched most recently...and that was all the way back in July. Wow. Wait, scratch that, we watched Sleeping Beauty a couple of weeks ago, and I guess you could count Moana back in November.

Anyway, this busyness thing hasn't given me much time to think about anything but work, so I don't really have any rants to post or anything. We did get into a discussion about Disney princesses with Cecille the other day, and it was interesting, because even though we kind of lit into her with all the same stuff I've been saying for years, it was all new to her. She had been watching reviewers on YouTube complaining about princesses and how why did Moana even have to be a princess like being a princess is a bad thing in and of itself. So we got all hot and bothered again, and I think the thing that bothers me the most is that it's still the prevailing opinion. I feel like I shouldn't be surprised about that, but I am, because the crowds at Disneyland indicate a huuuuuuge popularity for the brand, so I guess it threw me off--like, why does everyone love Disney so much and still think princesses are so bad?

I can kind of see, as Athena pointed out, that maybe it would be nice if the girls doing super awesome stuff were not already in a privileged position. Like, why can't the average Jill do cool stuff? Is Jill the counterpart for average Joe, or is it Jane? I think Jane goes with John...and so does Joan. Jill goes with Jack... Maybe Jo with no E? I don't know. Athena's suggesting Fifi, which is a nickname for Josephine... But the Frenchness of it may make it less average in American society, but maybe that's okay? I don't know, but you get the idea, right? I know! Maybe we should go with Lilo, because she's a Disney character who most certainly did not come from a privileged background. Although, if you think about it, even though Snow White and Cinderella were born into privilege, they did live a good chunk of their lives as secondhand citizens in their own homes.

Anyway. The point is, I feel like I need to defend the original Disney princesses again, so have a couple of links to posts where I defend their honor:
Here's one about Snow White (we have at least three)
Here's one about Cinderella.

And, going back and reading those posts, it looks like a lot of Once Upon A Time fans suspected us of hating the show purely because it was messing up our beloved fairy tales, so here is a link to our glowing review of Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to (by the author of Happy Cafe) and here is a glowing review of the early hours of Labyrinth of Grimm. That reminds me, we're only about halfway through Labyrinth of Andersen, but the characters aren't as interesting in that one (I'm going to claim that it can't be that we don't like them messing with our beloved fairy tales this time, because we are nowhere near as familiar with Andersen's fairy tales as we are with Grimms' and Perrault's).

Today I'm thankful for trips down Disney-defending memory lane, the boys actually singing in Primary today, getting to reread our reviews of beloved manga and video games, Page's newfound love of my chair (it's extremely unhelpful when I need to sit in my chair, but super adorable otherwise), and fairy tales.