March 15th, 2017


The Prince in His Dark Days, volume 3

We're nowhere near meeting our work quota today, but we've been so unproductive that we figure the most productive thing we can do is rest up and recover in the hopes of boosting productivity tomorrow. On the bright side, it's probably okay to try to finish this translation on Friday instead of Thursday.

But you guys aren't here for that--you're here(?) for Review Rednesdays! As promised, this week we have The Prince in His Dark Days volume three! We bumped this one up on the list, so hopefully everyone's had time to read it! Spoiler level: moderately high.

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And that's it for this week! As for new releases, today Complex Age 4 hit bookstore shelves, featuring Riu on the cover! And you won't get to know who that is until you read it! (We pulled it out to translate it and saw her and were like, "Who...?") And stay tuned next week for Say I Love You 17!

Today I'm thankful for another lovely day at Disneyland, knowing that my extreme reaction to certain flavors is justified (more on that tomorrow!), having enough time in our schedule that it should (hopefully) be okay to stop working, getting our comp copies of Fire Force 3, and getting to go to the Pancake House this morning for breakfast.