February 17th, 2017



*pounds fists on the desk!* We were supposed to finish our time travel book today! We were going to do it, too! But then a simulpub chapter had to come along and take two hours!

...Okay, that's not fair. We actually wouldn't have finished the time travel book today, because we're still waiting for one more chapter on it, and then not only will we have to translate it, we'll have to edit it, and editing for time travel titles tends to go at a snail's pace. It's kind of interesting how it worked out that both of our toughest titles turned into time travel ones. Maybe it just means that the effort we put into the edit is reflected in the titles' popularity.

Anyway, I'm really not that passionate about not "finishing" the time travel book today; I just wanted to be dramatic. It's raining and I have a lot of pent up energy. As it is, we decided that the chapter we would be editing right now is too important to work on when we're already worn out, so we're going to save it until Monday and leave the worn-out work for a series that has an adapter. Hopefully that won't throw our schedule off too badly.

So instead of working over-overtime, we're going to binge(?) watch the new season of The Seven Deadly Sins! (It's actually an OVA or something that only has four episodes, so I'm not sure if it's really a binge, but on the other hand, I kind of feel like I'm binging on TV if I watch more than two episodes of anything, so there you go.) And this after all my whining yesterday about not having time for KamiAso. Well, as it turns out, we ended up with a little time for it last night, but still no information about the stupidness (<--not the same thing as "stupidity"). But more importantly, we really like The Seven Deadly Sins, and we have to make sure we've seen it before the next time Gaston comes down in case he's already watched it, too. (He is busier these days, though, so he may be less likely to be watching Netflix.) And besides, this way we're guaranteed to get a lot of our beloved favorite voice actor.

Today I'm thankful for making enough progress on our edit even with another chapter thrown in the mix, finishing the Persona Q manga (it was a fun jaunt), new episodes of Seven Deadly Sins, the yummy pizza we had for dinner, and it being time to curl up under blankets and watch TV.